541 How To Sleep All Bundled Up

    "It's the middle of the night, you should go to sleep."

    He carried her and walked towards the bed chambers ignoring her whispering struggles. He put her down onto the bed then proceeded to undo his outer robe and peeled off his big beard. He looked at the woman staring wide-eyed at him, sat on the bed and hugging the blanket close to her. He said: "You sleep on the inside and I will sleep on the outside of the bed."

    "You, you, you want to sleep here?"

    She widened her eyes. He had already said that since meeting her he has lost all his willpower. He actually dared to share a bed with her? Did he want to sleep with her!

    "Yes." He nodded, a smile in his eyes.

    "No!" She refused without even thinking further, like a little tiger seizing her territory. "You go back next door!"

    "In order to ensure your safety, I will be sleeping in your room and in the same bed for the rest of the journey. There is no use refusing me, you have to learn to adapt." He took off his outer robe and unbuttoned his inner robe. Feng Jiu stared at him dumbfounded.

    "You, you, don't tell me you're used to sleeping with no clothes on." She swallowed uncomfortably, her eyes perving at him.

    He watched her as she changed from glowering at him while she refused to sleep with him, to swallowing her saliva uncomfortably and perving at him as he undressed. Ling Mo Han could not help but smile as he glanced at her: " If you have any other ideas, I will be happy to oblige."

    "Hey. If you do this, I won't be able to marry anyone in the future." She sighed helplessly as she watched him take off his boots and sit down on the bed.

    "It doesn't matter, because in the end, you will only marry me." Although his words were overbearing, he smiled. Instead of lying down, he wrapped the blanket around her and lay down on the outside of the bed and he hugged her tightly.

    He ignored the dumbfounded look on the woman's face and gently tapped her head: "Be good and go to sleep now."

    "How can I sleep all bundled up?" She looked down at herself, her arms and legs wrapped up in the blanket and her head stuck out like a melon. She was speechless.

    How could she fall asleep like that? What was the meaning of bundling her up like that?

    "You will fall asleep once you close your eyes." He hugged the woman wrapped in the blanket. He felt that he would not be tempted this way.

    "You...." Feng Jiu had only just spoken when her acupuncture spot was activated and she fell asleep immediately.

    "You can sleep now. When my willpower is better, you won't have to sleep all wrapped up." He laughed. Once he got used to her sleeping next to him over the next few days, he would not be tempted and need not to wrap her up to hug her to sleep.

    Later into the night, Ling Mo Han finally fell asleep with his arms wrapped around the woman bundled up in the blanket. Because of the joy in his heart, even in his sleep there was a slight smile on his lips....

    Outside the bedroom, Gray Wolf and Shadow One looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief. Their master finally got his way. They were stood outside for so long they thought that the Ghost Doctor would chase their master out!

    They could not hear any noise coming from the bedroom, they should be resting by now. Yes, it was good that they were resting, the days were getting longer.
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