543 Rejoicing inwardly

    Perhaps because he perceived Ling Mo Han's remarkable aura, the president spoke again. "We have some business with him, but it's not convenient for us to talk to outsiders. We'd like to request you to pass the message."

    Ling Mo Han glanced at them and stepped into the room next door. Without looking back at Leng Shuang, he ordered."Go in and tell your master."

    Leng Shuang nodded. After entering the wing and reached the inner room, she saw her mistress was rolled up in a quilt with only her head showing. With astonishment, she stepped forward and called out: "Mistress?"

    "Mm..." Feng Jiu responded lazily. She did not open his eyes.

    "The Alchemist Guild's President and Old Yu are here."

    As soon as this was said, the mistress who looked so sleepy earlier leapt up from the bed and looked at her, making her jump in fright.

    "Old Yu is here?"

    "Yes, the chief is also here. They said that they have some business with Mistress."

    Feng Jiu looked around and then smiled while talking to her. "Quick, get the quilt off me. That guy rolled me up like this, making me unable to sleep well the whole night."

    Leng Shuang's eyes were filled with mirth. She helped Feng Jiu take away the quilt, then waited on her to wash and dress up. An elegant and graceful young master emerged.

    Feng Jiu went downstairs. Old Yu and the president stood up when they saw her.

    "Hehe, Little Jiu, you finally get up." Old Yu chuckled when he saw the youth walking closer.

    "Old Yu? Why are you here?" Feng Jiu asked as she stood facing the two men.

    Old Yu smiled and then spoke, "I rented a room in the restaurant not far ahead. How about we talk there?"

    Sure," Feng Jiu agreed. She brought Leng Shuang and Leng Hua with her.

    At the second floor, Ling Mo Han saw her leaving with her two attendants. He looked away and called Gray Wolf and Shadow One upstairs.

    When they all arrived at their rented room in the restaurant, Old Yu first introduced the two and then explained. "After the Guild's President knew of this matter, he wanted to visit you personally. He also wanted to persuade you to become a guest elder in our guild."

    "That's correct. Young Master Jiu, I can increase your compensation so that you can enjoy double preferential treatment. I will also report it to the first-class and the second-class guilds. In this way, no matter which country you go, you can enjoy the highest treatment of the guest elders. However, in this regard, if there is any place where the guild needs Young Master Jiu's help in the future, please lend your assistance to them."

    The Guild's President was afraid that the original compensation didn't satisfy Feng Jiu, so he increased the benefits as well as registered him into the first and second class guilds. He only hoped that all these favourable treatments would win the youth's consent.


    Feng Jiu frowned, her face was hesitant. But inwardly, she almost flipped with excitement. Yesterday, she didn't let the old man finish his explanation and made her lose such a good opportunity. She didn't expect that they came to her door today.

    Mm, this opportunity was indeed a good one. It's preposterous if she refused it again.

    Old Yu and the Guild's President looked at each other. Their hearts were filled with worry, afraid that he would reject their offer again. Hence, they told him, "Little Jiu, what do you think? If you're not satisfied, you can tell us."

    When Feng Jiu heard this, she smiled. "It's rare for Guild's President and Old Yu to show such great kindness. If I decline again, I am an ignorant person who has no understanding of the times."
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