544 Becoming a high-ranked guest elder

    When they heard her words, those two were delighted. After taking a glance at each other, they laughed out loud, "Great, great! So now we agreed on this."

    The guild's president even fished out a jade medal signifying the identity of a high-ranked guest elder. "I even brought the jade medal with me. Just the right time, the affair wrapped up well. Let's celebrate it."

    Feng Jiu couldn't help laughing. They were worried that she might run away?

    After the three have worked out a series of formalities and all the dishes and drinks had been served, their relationships had also changed subtly due to the guest elder matter. Well, to put it bluntly, there was some kind of implication. When they stood on the same front, naturally it would be different from the previous relationship.

    When they left the restaurant after the meal near noon, Old Yu wanted to send Feng Jiu back, but his offer was declined.

    "There's no need. It's very close, just ahead. Please return, I won't send you off." She told them with a smile.

    "All right then, there will be a chance to meet again in the future." The two men cupped their fists and took their leave. They returned to the guild with great joy.

    When they went far, Feng Jiu tossed the jade medal in her hand and said with a smile, "It's you who should not run away."

    Standing behind her, Leng Shuang and Leng Hua both looked at each other and smiled. For them, it's all good as long as their mistress was happy.

    Feng Jiu looked at the street bustling with people, her eyes jolted slightly. It was as if the scene last night had never happened and everything was restored to normal. Such a technique, such a handling method, it could be clearly seen that Ling Mo Han's origin was really not ordinary.

    A nobleman of a third-grade country? She estimated that his identity was far more honourable than this!

    When they returned to the inn, unexpectedly Ling Mo Han was not there. Only Gray Wolf was waiting for them at the inn. Even Shadow One was not seen.

    "Where is your Master? Going out?" She was somewhat astonished. That guy went out, too?

    "The Master went out to do some business, but he might return late. He asked Young Master Jiu not to wait for him, but to eat and drink." Gray Wolf grinned and conveyed his Master's message.

    "Tch, who will wait for him?" She stepped upstairs. When she reached the second floor, she waved at Gray Wolf.

    Gray Wolf was surprised, but still went up and followed into the room. "Young Master Jiu, what's the matter?"

    "Look." She threw the jade medal in her hands happily and flashed a crafty smile. "This represented high-ranked guest elder, delivered at my door. There are even more benefits. I earned it in the end, right?"

    "Hey hey, my Master already knew, he said that Young Master Jiu will not return empty-handed."

    When Feng Jiu heard his reply, she suddenly felt bored. "Your Master is a god, you know, I would like to wait for him to come back and give him a surprise!" She waved her hand while speaking, "Please leave! I'll cultivate for a while. Don't let anybody disturb me."

    "All right." Gray Wolf was now obedient to her orders because their Master had already made it clear. She would be his woman, thus their lady. Naturally, they must not show any disrespect.

    As she closed the door, she glanced at the Cloud Devouring Beast lying in the corner of the room and then ducked out into space.

    When Ling Mo Han came back in the evening, he just smiled when he learned that she had become a guest elder. It was certain that the Alchemist Guild would not miss such a good chance to attract her.

    That night, Feng Jiu guarded against him. She shut the doors and windows early, so he could only go back to sleep next door.

    Two days later, the black market's chief came to the door again, bringing the news about Su Xi...
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