545 Aunt Su Xi

    "Young Master Jiu, the news you asked to investigate has come today. As soon as I got the news, I came to see you at once." The black market Chief Ke smilingly spoke and walked into Feng Jiu's room.

    "Oh? So fast?" She was somewhat astonished at the speed of his inquiry. It took only two or three days to find out. His capability was not bad!

    "Haha, when taking care of Young Master Jiu's business, naturally I must not delay." Chief Ke laughed. When he saw that all the people in the room were Feng Jiu's, he said straightforwardly. "Speaking of this, the person named Su Xi is also a character. Otherwise, we would not find this out so soon."

    "From Young Master Jiu's hint, I directed my investigation at the big clans and made a discovery. The painting's Su Xi's surname is Lin. She is the first wife's daughter of the Great Concord's Three Rivers City's Lin family. The younger generation of the Lin family respectfully called her Aunt Su Xi. Her elder brother is the master of the Lin family and a Nascent Soul cultivator. This Lin Su Xi is now over sixty years old. However, I learned from the inquiry that she had taken the Foundation Visage Pill many years ago. Her face remained beautiful like a woman in her twenties."

    At this point, Chief Ke could not help laughing, his face showed admiration. "Because of this in-depth investigation, I also know some secrets. it was decades ago that she fell in love with her brother's sworn brother, Feng San Yuan. It was said that Feng San Yuan came from a small ninth-grade country, but he could make Su Xi fell in love at first sight. However, he did not marry her. That's where it was remarkable."

    Chief Ke was busy speaking and did not notice Feng Jiu's strange expression. He continued with his story. "Unfortunately, at that time, Feng San Yuan was already married. It was said that her father and brothers decided to let Feng San Yuan marry her as an equal wife, but later this Miss Lin refused. People said that it was because..."

    Feng Jiu listened to Chief Ke's comprehensive information. Some news unknown to outsiders, under the intentional inquiry of the black market, would be revealed in exhaustive details. The more she listened, the brighter her eyes became. She even became more appreciative of Aunt Su Xi that she had never met.

    She felt that the person who captured her grandfather was not an enemy since she didn't harm anybody at the Feng residence. Moreover, clues showed that she must be an acquaintance of her grandfather. But, she never thought that her old naughty grandfather had such a history of romance.

    After hearing Chief Ke's news, she finally knew why he said that Aunt Su Xi was a character. A woman falls in love with another woman's husband. She had such a family background and influence. So long as she acted with a devious heart, she wouldn't have to wait for so many years at all.

    Instead, she chose not to destroy the family of the person she loved, to protect and wait silently for decades.

    Her love was not trying to possess but protecting her beloved. That kind of love was so moving.

    "According to recent inquiries, it seems that there is an old man with a wine gourd hanging around his waist in the Lin family. It is said that this old man was captured by a group of men sent by Su Xi after she finished her closed door cultivation. It was really bold. However, the handsome gentleman from decades ago has turned into an ugly old man. I'm afraid that it is very difficult for them to be together."

    Chief Ke shook his head and sighed. As a man, he knew that if he really loved someone, he could not bear to face a lover still in her twenties with his old face. It was because that way was too cruel. Even if his lover did not care, as a man, it was impossible to not care about it.
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