547 The Old Face Blushed

    Impotence was definitely a nightmare to him and he, for sure, didn't want to think about it again. If it wasn't for the Ghost Doctor who had mentioned the experience of him not only having an acupuncture treatment from her, but was also sent to the brothel by his master, he would have forgotten the whole incident.

    "Leng Shuang, Leng Hua, pack the belongings, we're setting off." While chuckling, she turned around and walked out of the room. She headed downstairs to wait for them.

    "Yes, Mistress." After responding, both of them did the packings.

    Ling Mo Han stood up and he too, walked downstairs with Shadow One behind him while Gray Wolf returned next door to keep his belongings into his storage space before meeting them downstairs.

    The Little Cloud Devouring Beast ran downstairs by itself, followed by Old White who was then brought out by the others. At the drop of a hat, the group of people left just like that once they were outside the city gate and headed towards Three Rivers City by riding on the airship...

    And at the same moment, in the Lin's Residence.

    Old Patriarch Feng, still in his inconspicuous grey clothes with a gourd-shaped bottle of wine hung on his waist, was walking in a hurried pace in the mansion of Lin with both his hands clasped on his back. He would turn his head occasionally and have a glance over the person three metres behind him, thus speeding up his pace.

    However, once he walked faster, the person behind him also moved faster to keep up with him, maintaining a distance of three metres between them no matter what.

    Even though people in the mansion saw him, they would just bowed at him with a smile on their faces and left after that to finish their tasks. This kind of scene had been happening for days in the mansion. If Old Patriarch Feng was walking ahead, there sure will be their Aunt Lin Su Xi following him at the back.

    There was this thing that many of them weren't able to understand. Why did their aunt who had such beautiful appearance would be infatuated with this old man? Though they were curious, but none of them were daring to ask the question. Also, nobody had the guts to disrespect Old Patriarch Feng because not only they were warned by Aunt Su Xi, but also the owner of the mansion, saying that the old patriarch was his sworn brother. If somebody ever had the guts to disrespect him, he or she will definitely be ousted from the mansion!

    When they came near a pavilion, Old Patriarch Feng had no other choice but just stopped his steps and glanced back. He said, "Su Xi, stop following me and just let me go! You kidnapped me and I'm not able to see my son, okay that's fine, but now I can't even see my precious granddaughter, what's the point of doing that?"

    "Brother San Yuan, I won't ask you to stay here if you could just agree with me. Just give me a nod and I will follow you even to the deep mountain forest, let alone the Phoenix Empire," she said with a soft voice, gazing at him with a keen sparkling glare in her eyes.

    "Su Xi, why are you so... So stubborn? We are not going to work it out."

    Old Patriarch Feng felt really helpless, she refused to listen to him no matter what was said. Worse, he didn't expect that everyone in the mansion, whether it was the eldest or the youngest, would just let her be. Everyone just acquiesced to her behaviour. What can he still do?

    Xi Su looked at him, sorrowfully. Pain and sadness in her eyes. The emotions were nowhere to be hidden. "We weren't allowed to do so in the past. It was also true that things were not going to work out because you were married. But for now, your wife has gone for years, your son is the lord of the country, and even your granddaughter has grown up, what's the thing left that could fail us? I have already waited for you for so many years, are you going to make me wait forever?"

    "But...But those aren't the...the problems..." When his eyes met hers, his whole body became so listless, even his voice was getting smaller.

    She moved and with just a blink of an eye, her young and curvy body was standing in front of him. Step by step, she moved closer to him. "Isn't it that I am just too young and pretty? Others are hoping for their women to stay young and beautiful but you take it as an excuse to push me away!"

    Looking at the exquisite figure which was blocking in front of him, the ageing face of Old Patriarch Feng blushed. He was so flustered that he tried to totterred backwards but at last dropped himself on the floor.
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