548 Old Patriarch Feng s Helplessness

    Su Xi's eyes widened when she saw this and hurriedly bent down to help him up: "Look at you, am I really that scary?"

    "Don't worry, I can get up myself." Old Patriarch Feng waved his hands and stepped backwards in fright, afraid to look at her in the eye.

    Su Xi bit her lip, she felt a little ashamed and a little sad at the same time. She glanced at him with red rimmed eyes then brought her sleeve up to cover her face before she ran away.


    Old Patriarch Feng sighed aloud helplessly, so many feelings he had bottled up inside but could not say any out loud. He did not get up, but sat down on the floor instead. He took a few sips of wine from the wine gourd that was around his waist. After a while, he finally stood up and patted down his dirty clothes then walked away with his arms outstretched.

    In the darkness, two guards followed secretly. It was not that they wanted to follow him, but their master had instructed them not to lose him.

    As he walked out of the Lin Residence, Old Patriarch Feng let out a huge sigh, adjusted his clothes, and walked out into the street. He was a trampy old man who dressed in grey clothes, the only thing of value was the wine gourd around his waist. So naturally he would not raise any attention as he walked the streets.

    He turned his head left and right as he watched the people walking along the bustling street. He did not go into an inn or anything, but just found a corner on the street, sat down and drank his wine, deep in his own thoughts.

    Maybe it was because he looked no different from an old beggar, someone threw a silver coin at him. The sound of the silver coin hitting the floor interrupted his thoughts. He picked up the silver coin and looked at it with a strange expression on his face.

    The two guards smiled when they saw this. Old Patriarch Feng had been living at the Lin Residence for some time now, and their master had told them to enquire about his status in the Phoenix Dynasty. They found out that this Old Patriarch was the father of the Phoenix Dynasty King.

    They never expected him to be so humble. He had looked up and down the streets, but rather than going into an inn, he chose to sit by a corner to drink his wine. Someone had actually thrown a silver coin at him, did they think he was a beggar?

    As the sky darkened and he did not seem to show any intention of returning back to the residence, the two guards whispered something to each other, and one of them walked back towards the direction of the residence.

    The elegantly dressed Su Xi came back with the guard and saw from a distance, a figure sat on the corner of the street daydreaming. She could not tell what he was thinking about, but his expression was listless, his brows furrowed and he had a sad expression on his face.

    When she saw him in this state, she felt distressed and her heart winced in sadness. She could not help but asked herself if she should treat him like that.

    She had wanted to walk up to him, but when she saw the state he was in, she stopped. She stood quietly by the corner of the street and watched him, accompanied him.

    When the two guards saw this, they could not help but look at each other, then at the old man sat on the corner of the street, and then at Miss Su Xi who stood on the opposite side of the street. They were speechless.

    When the sky had turned completely dark, Old Patriarch Feng finally stood up slowly, with his arms outstretched, he walked back towards the Lin Residence.

    On the other side of the street, Su Xi did not make her presence known. She just followed him and watched from afar and until he had entered the Lin Residence. Once he was inside, she instructed the guards to prepare some food and send it to him.

    A man in his forties came out. When he saw Su Xi he broke out in a smile and said: "Aunt, father is looking for you. He said to go to the study to see him when you return."
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