549 Get Drunk

    "Okay." Su Xi replied. She smiled at him before she entered the residence.

    He pondered for a bit as he watched her leave. He questioned the two guards and found out that she had gone to look for Old Patriarch Feng , but they had both come back separately.

    "Tell the kitchen to prepare some accompaniment dishes, and go to get the spirit wine from my special collection. I am going to have a drink with Old Patriarch Feng ." He smiled and gestured for the guard to go to his courtyard to get the wine.

    After a short while, the guard came back with his wine. He took the wine and went in the direction of Old Patriarch Feng 's courtyard.

    Old Patriarch Feng was in his courtyard drinking wine at this point in time. He stared up at the moon as he thought about how he was being held captive. Little Feng must be so worried. Although things have now been dealt with, his sworn older brother's men should have informed Feng Xiao and Little Feng of his whereabouts.


    "Uncle Feng, why are you sighing?" The middle aged man walked into the courtyard and smiled at the seated Old Patriarch Feng .

    "Cheng Zhi! Why are you here?" Old Patriarch Feng acknowledged his sworn brother's eldest son and gestured: "Sit."

    "The doorman mentioned that you had just returned, so I came to have a drink with you. Look, I know that you enjoy drinking wine, so I have even brought the spirit wine from my collection to share with you." He laughed as he brought the jar of wine over to the table.

    When he heard there was good wine to drink, Old Patriarch Feng's spirits lifted: "Your special collection? Your father brought me a jar last time too. I can smell the wine and it is making me drool. The wine here is definitely a lot better!"

    "My wine is just as good as my father's wine. If you don't believe me, try some." He proceeded to pour him half a cup of wine.

    Old Patriarch Feng looked at the half cup of wine and blinked: "You kid, are more miserly than your father. How can I taste the wine properly with such a small cup?"

    Upon hearing this, Lin Cheng Zhi could not help but shake his head and smile: "Haha, Uncle Feng, you have not eaten. It is not good to drink on an empty stomach. Just have a sip of the wine first. I have already instructed the servants to prepare some accompaniment dishes for us to have with the wine. They will be served very soon."

    Just as he had finished speaking, a few servant girls appeared carrying something, but it was not what he had ordered. It was the evening meal Su Xi had instructed the kitchen to prepare.

    "This is what Aunt had instructed the kitchen to prepare." One of the servant girls said and then retreated. Everyone in the Lin Residence referred to Su Xi as Aunt.

    "Hehe, Uncle Feng, help yourself to your evening meal first, but don't eat too much or you will be too full to drink the wine later on." He smiled as he patted the wine jar: "I have brought this jar of wine here and I don't intend to bring it back with me."

    "Hahaha! Good! Just you wait, tonight I will drink with you till we are drunk!" Old Patriarch Feng smiled and proceeded to eat. When the accompaniment dishes arrived, he sent the evening meal back and started to drink the wine with Lin Cheng Zhi.

    Since he had left home, Old Patriarch Feng missed home. On top of that, he had been entangled with Su Xi from the Lin Residence. The relationship troubled him deeply. Hence, once he started drinking, he did not stop and the two of them drank late into the night.

    In actual fact, Lin Cheng Zhi had not drank much. However, Old Patriarch Feng drank loads. As he looked at the drunk Old Patriarch Feng , Lin Cheng Zhi smiled. He glanced over at Aunt who had been watching in the dark and asked: "Uncle Feng, do you have my Aunt in your heart?"
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