550 Tonight is your chance

    When Su Xi listened from her hiding place, her spirits perked up. With nervousness, she looked at the man whose face flushed from wine intoxication.

    "Whaa, what?" Old Patriarch Feng was muddled from drinking. He didn't hear clearly what Lin Cheng Zhi said.

    Seeing this, a smile flashed in his eyes. He continued on and asked, "Uncle Feng, do you have my aunt in your heart?"

    "Your Aunt?" Old Patriarch Feng let out a wine belch, his eyes were half-squinted. His one hand supporting his head. He was shaking as if he were going to fall down at any moment.

    "Mm, my Aunt, Su Xi."

    "Su Xi, Su Xi is a foolish girl. Tell me, why would she fall in love with me, a decrepit old man? I'm a rotten old man. I can't match her." He spoke while waving his hand.

    "But, you should know that my Aunt doesn't care."

    "But I care!"

    He seemed to get angry suddenly. He knocked the wine bowl heavily on the table. Half of the bowl spilt over. Then he heard him say, "So what if I have her in my heart? If I love her, then I should give her the best. Since I can't give it to her, I should just continuously push her away, but that silly girl threw herself at me and got her heart hurt time and again. Tell me, isn't she foolish? Very foolish, right?"

    "I want to escape, this old man wants to escape this afternoon!" He said in a very serious tone and pounded the wine bowl on the table vigorously. The next moment, however, he frowned again and looked perplexed. "But I have a second thought. If I escaped and she still waits for me, I will really feel very guilty. I couldn't think of a way out for a whole afternoon. Tell me, what would you do?"

    He held up the wine bowl to drink, only to find that the wine in the bowl was spilt. He shouted loudly, "Pour the wine!"

    Lin Cheng Zhi was caught off guard and he jumped in fright. He looked at him strangely and quickly poured the wine for him. "Then, quickly marry her! It's not a problem that can't be solved. Anyway, my Aunt likes you and won't care if you are older than her." He also took a sip of wine after being startled by him.

    That won't do! I'm old and wrinkly all over, how can I harm Su Xi? Impossible, impossible."

    "Pfft! Cough cough!"

    Lin Cheng Zhi listened to his words and choked on the wine. He stared at him. He felt that Uncle Feng's way of thinking and speaking was simply too unpredictable. Even he could say such words as being wrinkly all over. It really made him not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

    "Come come, Uncle Feng. Drink more." While laughing, he poured more wine for him.

    However, after drinking two more bowls of wine, Old Patriarch Feng finally fell drunk, and his whole body laid on the table, whispering: "This won't do... This won't do..."

    "Uncle Feng? Uncle Feng?" Lin Cheng Zhi called twice. When he saw that he had not responded, he looked into the darkness and said with a smile, "Aunt, Uncle Feng is drunk."

    Su Xi stepped out from the shadows and walked lightly to the table. Looking at the drunk Old Patriarch Feng, she asked, "Why did you get an idea of having a drink with him?"

    "Hey hey, Aunt, I knew Uncle Feng when he came here decades ago, and I haven't had time to talk with him recently. Tonight, I just happened to have time. I took some wine and came to see Uncle Feng for a drink and a chat."

    He stood up and looked at his aunt with a meaningful smile. "Aunt, you and my father's methods are too gentle. It's impossible for Uncle Feng, he doesn't dare to take that step. If Aunt really decides not to marry anyone but him in this life, then you have the chance tonight."
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