551 What’s done is done and can’t be reversed

    Hearing this, Su Xi shot a glance at him, and then at the drunk and unconscious Old Patriarch Feng. Her heart moved.

    "Aunt, it's getting late, so I'll go home first." Lin Cheng Zhi made a salute and left with a smile.

    Su Zi looked at the man lying on the table and paused for a moment. She came forward and called, "Brother San Yuan? Brother San Yuan?"

    "Mm? Su, Su Xi?" Old Patriarch Feng unconsciously called. Although his eyes were half open, he was already drunk and unable to distinguish things.

    Su Xi smiled gently. "It's me. You're drunk. Let me help you in!" She picked him up and went toward the room.

    The secret guards in hiding stared at the two people entering the room. For a moment, they was struck dumb. Their Aunt Su Xi wouldn't really want to...want to do that, right?

    Sure enough, it really took their uncle to do it. They saw their uncle bringing a jar of wine and took care of business immediately.

    In the room, Su Xi first helped him wash up and change into clean clothes, then helped him to lie down in bed. Watching the person lying in bed, she had hesitation in her eyes. She did not hate him for being old, but she was afraid that if that was the case, wouldn't he blame her when he gets up sober tomorrow?

    Struggling in her heart, she thought of what he and Cheng Zhi talked about tonight. As Cheng Zhi said, he would not dare to take that step, so why not let her take that step?

    Anyway, in this life, she believed in him firmly.

    After making up her mind, she felt nervous, shy and uneasy. She stood by the bed for a while, thinking of the secret guards guarding the courtyard. Then, she went out and her eyes swept toward the darkness. "You all stand back and guard outside the courtyard. Don't let anyone disturb."

    "Yes!" Those secret guards' eyes shone. Their tone was joyous. They leapt and came guarding outside the courtyard.

    Su Xi shot a glance outside, closed the door, and entered the room. She looked at the man on the bed. She lowered her head shyly, raised her hand and slowly unfastened her clothes.

    In another courtyard. Lin Cheng Zhi, buzzed with alcohol, returned to his courtyard with a smile on his face. Before entering the room, he saw his wife open the door and welcome him.

    "Husband, I heard you went to see Uncle Feng for a drink?" The senior madame came to him, smelled the alcohol all over him, and saw the smile on his face. She asked with surprise, "From your looks, Husband seems very happy? Did you have a good chat with Uncle Feng?"

    "Hehe, this Uncle Feng still likes drinking as much as before." He shook his head and laughed. He put his hand around her waist and went into the room with her. He told her, "I'm really happy tonight. Well, I'm more curious about tomorrow morning than tonight."

    After finished speaking, he laughed again. He saw his wife's surprised face. While telling someone to bring water in for his bath, she asked, "What's going on tomorrow morning? Looking at you, is there any happy occasion?"

    He went out and came back in a mysterious manner.

    "I took my precious spirit wine and invited Uncle Feng for a drink. It seems that tonight I wasn't wasting the wine I collected for many years." He smiled, washed his hands and face, took the towel and wiped his hands. He let the servant withdrew and threw off his outer robes. He said, "Our family should have a happy occasion soon. Call the younger siblings early tomorrow morning and help Aunt to take care of her business. For Aunt's marriage, we must do it splendidly."
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