552 I don’t have the face to see you

    When she heard this, the senior madame was stunned. She asked in astonishment, "You, you didn't make him drunk, did you? Aunt also?"

    "Father and Aunt always said not to force Uncle Feng and to give him some time. However, in my opinion, Uncle Feng is afraid to take that step. Since Aunt has set her mind on him, I merely helped her by sparking it off." He smiled. "I wonder if Father will give me a spanking when he knows about this matter tomorrow. Let it be. Tonight I'm so tired from getting Uncle Feng drunk. I'll rest first. Remember to wake me up tomorrow morning."

    Then he went inside the bedroom, leaving the stunned senior madame in a daze.

    Tonight seemed as tranquil as ever. However, at this very night, something was meant to happen and it would change everything...

    When the first ray of sunlight in the early morning shone slantwise through the window and dispersed to the floor, two figures could be vaguely seen sleeping behind the bed's muslin canopy.

    Old Patriarch Feng, in a deep slumber, only sensed that his sleep was very pleasant. Especially the dream he had in the night was so wonderful, making him unable to stir from his sleep.

    When his hand slightly moved, he felt a touch of silky skin. He even felt as if a warm body was pasted onto his. Their body temperatures blended together. They were very intimate, making their bodies exceptionally warm and comfortable.

    He was reluctant to move his hand away and had another touch. But when he heard a soft moan in his ear, he turned stiff and his eyes opened in shock. It was a terrible sight, making him blanch from fear. He jumped up with the quilt still in his arms. He stumbled on the quilt and fell down from the bed with a thud.

    "Hiss! Ah!"

    He fell to the ground. He held the quilt tightly on his naked body. His face held an astonished and incredulous expression. He stared straight at the woman on the bed who was awakened by him. When he saw the woman in the bed sitting up, similarly naked, his pale face turned red. Since he pulled the quilt off, she had no cover on her body at all.

    "Su, Su, Su, Su Xi....I, I, I..."

    His mind went blank and he did not know what to say at this time, especially when Su Xi sat up on the bed and lifted the bed curtains. The young and exquisite figure which had been faintly discernible appeared before him. Her delicate and snuggly waist, snow-white skin covered with red marks and well-developed ** stirred up his fire and captivated him. He felt a wave of heat rush up and the very next moment, something hot seemed to flow out of his nose.

    Seeing him gazing fixedly at her with a nosebleed, she could only look down and when she realized that there was nothing covering her body, her beautiful face suddenly turned beet red. She quickly put the curtains down bashfully and retrieved a dress out from her spatial space.


    Old Patriarch Feng, who had fallen to the ground earlier, sat on the floor wrapped inside the quilt. After seeing the alluring scene, the memory of last night gushed forth like a flood. He opened his mouth, but could not say anything. There was only one word in his mind.

    It's over...he had ruined his integrity in his old age...

    As soon as Su Xi reappeared after being fully dressed, she saw him fall down like that. She was so frightened that she quickly got out of bed and lifted him up while pinching his philtrum to let him come to his senses gradually. "Brother San Yuan? What happened to you?"

    After his philtrum was stimulated, Old Patriarch Feng who lost consciousness earlier was now awakened. But when he saw Su Xi holding him, he immediately pulled the quilt over his head and rolled on the ground: "Su Xi... I'm too ashamed to see you... "
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