553 You are in my hear

    Su Xi looked at the man rolling away with his head covered in a blanket. She stared blankly for a moment. She thought that he would wake up furious. Who knew that he would roll away, hiding inside the quilt. It was unexpected that he was more ashamed of seeing her than her losing her virginity?

    Looking at the man hiding in the quilt, she felt a little moved and thought of his ostrich mentality. Now that everything had come to this point, if he was not spurred on, he would retreat. So she sat calmly beside the bed and watched with a smile on her face without calling him.

    Old Patriarch Feng, hiding inside the quilt, was so ashamed that he only wanted to find a hole to drill in. He unexpectedly, unexpectedly made Su Xi give, give...

    He recalled the red marks on her body when she was without a stitch on, as well as the spring dream he had last night. Inside the quilt, he felt a nosebleed was about to flow out again.

    He had been cultivating his heart and nurturing his character for so many years. He had never touched a woman since his wife passed away. But now, now...

    He had ruined his integrity in his old years. He had ruined it indeed, ah!

    If his son or Little Feng knew this, this old man would be ashamed to death.

    But, he had slept with someone. No matter what, he had to give an account for this, right? When he thought of this, his heart beat wildly and felt as if he had returned to his youth. Such a feeling made him feel ashamed.

    How can this be done? Hmm? Why is it so quiet? I don't hear her voice?

    He was puzzled, uneasy and apprehensive. Very carefully, he pulled the quilt aside, emerged from it and looked in the direction of the bed. He saw her sitting with red-rimmed eyes and her sleeves lifted, sobbing softly.

    Seeing her like this, his heart was suddenly gripped. Lacking courage, he timidly called her. "Su, Su Xi?"

    Su Xi put down her sleeves and looked at him with slightly red eyes. She bit her lip and looked at him quietly. "Brother San Yuan, I have given my innocent, maiden body to you. Do you want to deny it? If you really don't want to marry me, I'll go and tell my Big Brother so that he'll send you back. I'll never pester you again." With that, she got up and went out.

    "It's not, Su Xi, don't misunderstand. I, I..."

    He hurriedly pulled her with one hand, while his other hand took away the quilt wrapping his body to stand up. When he saw her with reddened eyes, he sighed inwardly and honestly said, "I, I don't mean that."

    "You don't mean that? Have you ever thought of marrying me? I know, I know you don't have me in your heart, so you left me waiting all along. You remain unmoved when I have been waiting for you for decades. In that case, I'll let my Big Brother send you back now so that you won't keep your son and granddaughter in mind all the time."

    "No, no, no, no, you are in my heart. You are in there, but I, I..."

    Old Patriarch Feng was so anxious that he did not know what to say. He did not know how best to say it. He did not expect that things would happen like this. It was indeed a bad thing to drink. If he was not drunk, he would not make things so out of hand.

    "How come you all stay outside of the courtyard? Did San Yuan wake up sober?"

    Old Patriarch Feng, still holding the quilt in one hand, heard the voice of his sworn big brother worship outside. He turned pale with fear and trembled as he spoke, "Oh no, it's bad. Here comes Big Brother! Why is he here so early in the morning?"

    Hearing him admit that he had her in his heart, she was delighted. She saw him so frantic, panic and nervous. He even had no time to put on the clothes and just wrapped in that quilt and rolled around there, She could not restrain her laughter and threw his clothes to him. She told him in an annoyed tone, "You're not putting the clothes on quick enough."
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