554 The higher the cultivation level, the younger one becomes

    Outside the courtyard, several secret guards had an odd expression on their faces. However, their eyes were filled with smiles as they looked at the clan head., "Aunt Su Xi is inside."

    Lin Bo Heng, who was about to step in, was startled to hear that. He thought that he had misheard. Looking at the secret guard, he asked, "What did you say just now? Who's inside?"

    "Aunt Su Xi."

    When he heard the answer, he pointed his finger toward the courtyard's direction. "Su, Su Xi?"


    Stunned, he heard a familiar voice, "Big Brother."

    When he looked toward where the voice originated, he saw his sister coming out of the room in the courtyard followed by Feng San Yuan who lowered his head. He could only speak with an angry glare at Old Patriarch Feng. "Feng San Yuan! Come to my study!" As soon as he shouted in anger, he turned around and left. However, there was joy in his heart. At last, those two came together.

    Actually, the fact that San Yuan was in his declining years, did not pose an insurmountable problem, either. If they were immortal cultivators, once they reached the Nascent Soul stage, even broken arms could be regenerated. Once the Nascent Soul formed, it was as if one was reborn. The cultivators who entered the Nascent Soul stage could basically keep their appearance in the state they want so long as they continued to advance in the allotted period of time. It's not impossible to maintain this peak state forever. That's why the higher the cultivation, the younger one became.

    However, he was mystical energy cultivator, and not a spirit energy cultivator. Only when he entered the martial emperor rank could he be ten years younger and only when he enters the martial sage could he be twenty years younger. In other words, he must cultivate to the martial sage level to get his appearance restored to his forties. He was merely at the peak of the martial ancestor rank. How could it be so easy to reach the martial sage rank?

    Old Patriarch Feng followed behind him in shame and went all the way to the study. When the door was closed, he looked at the elder brother who was sitting in front of the bookcase. For a moment, he did not know what to say. He could only let out a sentence, "Big brother, I'm sorry, I didn't expect things to turn out like this."

    "You didn't let me down, you let Su Xi down. Speak, how do you want to deal with this matter?" "He asked in a low voice and straight-faced.

    In fact, this scene is very weird and funny. Lin Bo Heng sitting in front of the bookcase looked in his middle-aged and very imposing, while the old man Feng standing in front of him with his shoulders hunched and his head lowered. He looked like a child in front of an adult, standing timidly while receiving a reprimand.

    "I, I thought I would marry Su Xi after reaching Martial Sage rank. At least then, I could stand in front of her with more courage. But I didn't expect that it would be like this when I drank the wine." He whispered, thinking that things had already happened. How could there be a solution? He hung his head in shame.

    "For this matter, I will listen to Big Brother. Whatever you say, I will do it."

    Looking at him like this, Lin Bo Heng snorted severely. "You are a cultivator. You should understand that you shouldn't care about the commoners' point of view. What's more, we are all cultivators. Unlike ordinary people, the higher the cultivation level, the younger one becomes. It's impossible for you not to know this. Take our Three Rivers City as an example. The forefather of the Hou clan is several hundred years old, but he looks like a noble young master in his twenties. All his offspring are older than him in appearance. Should his children and grandchildren dig a hole and jump inside it because they feel ashamed in front of him?
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