555 Feng Jiu arrives at Three Rivers City

    Old Patriarch Feng kept his head down and said nothing. He understood everything that he said, but it was difficult to do. What's more, those two were completely different things.

    "If an immortal cultivator cares too much about the commoner's point of view, he won't go far along this road. San Yuan, do you know why all the people in my residence agree with you and Su Xi's marriage? It's because they all understand this point. So long as the cultivation is outstanding and the couple loves each other, how old one looks is not an obstacle for two people to be together at all. We, the onlookers, can see it all clearly and understood. It's truly disappointing that you, the player, has been lost and confused ."

    He shook his head and sighed, looking at him who wanted to speak yet didn't open his mouth. He continued, "It would still be the same thing if there's someone in my family who doesn't support you. On the contrary, my Lin clan, from top to bottom, are all in favour of you. What do you have to worry about? You've lived for decades. Why don't you understand that?"

    "Big Brother..."

    Old Patriarch Feng was choked with emotion. He was moved beyond words. He knew that he did it for his good, to enlighten him. He was aware that for Big Brother, it was like beating his head against the wall. It was very difficult to get through his heart.

    Lin Bo Heng rose up, went up to him and patted his shoulder. He told Old Patriarch Feng, "This matter is settled. Big Brother will have people look at the dates and help you two to realize it as soon as possible."

    "Big Brother, this won't work." He shook his head.

    "What! It won't work?" Lin Bo Heng became furious when he heard this. He glanced at Old Patriarch Feng with a fierce scowl.

    Even Su Xi, who was eavesdropping outside with Lin Cheng Zhi, got angry to hear this. She thought that he wanted to refuse again. When she was about to go in, Cheng Zhi squeezed her shoulder, signalling her to calm down and continue to listen.

    Old Patriarch Feng waved his hand and explained, "No, Big Brother, don't misunderstand me. It's not that I don't want to marry Su Xi. Rather, Su Xi has been waiting for me for so many years. I want to return to the Phoenix Empire and let Feng Xiao prepare for it first. I want to bring Su Xi home as a bride extravagantly. I want to give her a grand wedding. Otherwise, it's unworthy of her many years of bitter waiting."

    Perhaps, he was enlightened by Lin Bo Heng's words that he no longer cared about the gap in their appearances. At this time, he decided in his heart that he must strive to cultivate and attain the rank of Martial Sage as soon as possible. When he returned to the Phoenix Empire, he must let Little Feng make some medicine to help his cultivation advance.

    Lin Bo Heng smiled and energetically patted his shoulder. "Good, good! Big brother is very happy that you have this idea. Ha ha ha ha ha!"

    Outside, the eavesdropping Su Xi could not help smiling happily when she heard the conversation. He finally agreed.

    Lin Cheng Zhi took his aunt outside and told her jokingly, "Aunt, isn't this my idea? Uncle Feng will become my uncle by marriage. When the time comes, Aunt mustn't forget this matchmaker nephew."

    "Don't worry, I won't forget you." She chuckled. After saying a few more words to him, she left first.

    At this time, outside Three Rivers City, a luxury airship landed. When the airship was put away, Feng Jiu and others led Old White to the city and looked at Three Rivers City in front of her. She smiled happily and said, "Tell me, will Grandpa be thrilled to see me?"

    The others just smiled but didn't say anything. Only Gray Wolf laughed softly, "Hey, Young Master Jiu. I think Old Patriarch Feng will be terrified to see you."
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