556 My Name Is Xuanyuan Moze!

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu asked with uncertainty: "Startled? How?" They had not seen each other for so long, seeing her appear here, he should be surprised instead!

    "Hey, when you see him, you will know whether he is startled or surprised." Gray Wolf smiled. An elderly man embroiled in a relationship with a beautiful young woman. Of course he would be startled when his granddaughter came looking for him.

    She raised her eyebrows. Would he really be startled by her appearance? Surely not?

    "Should we find some accommodation first, or should we go to the Lin Residence first?" Ling Mo Han asked as he looked at her. He had removed his big beard while they were on the airship and revealed his original appearance.

    She thought about it and replied: "You should look for some accommodation. I will go and take a look secretly at Grandfather."

    "You are going alone?" Ling Mo Han frowned: "It is not easy to enter the Lin Residence."

    "Then shall we fight out way in and give Grandfather a surprise?" She smiled coldly as she suddenly felt that she should give her grandfather a surprise. Maybe it would be like Gray Wolf said, her grandfather would be startled.

    "There are so many of us, let's find an inn first. If you really want to go and take a look, I will take you there later on." Ling Mo Han lead her away and kept walking forwards. He felt that they should find an accommodation first.

    "Alright." She replied, then sighed: "Gray Wolf, go and enquire whereabouts the Lin Residence is located at."

    "Yes." Gray Wolf replied.

    The large group of them found an inn and reserved the entire second floor while Gray Wolf went to find out where the Lin Residence was.

    Half an incense stick of time had passed and Gray Wolf reappeared reported to Feng Jiu who was sat beside his master at a table looking out of the window of the second floor: "Master Jiu, the Lin Residence is about half an incense of time away from here. It is just a few streets away. The Lin family are very influential here and I found out very quickly where their residence is."

    "Oh, that's not far." She nodded and motioned for him to go to sit at the other table to rest.

    Ling Mo Han put some food in her bowl for her and said; "Have something to eat. I will accompany you to take a walk outside later on."

    "Okay." She smiled and nodded. She looked at him and smiled as she asked: "Since you have removed your beard, do I address you as Hells' Lord? Or uncle?"

    His deep dark eyes were fixed on her laughing face, he put down the chopsticks in his hand. With a swift movement of his finger, the two of them were bundled together, his low, enigmatic voice drifted out slowly.

    "My surname is Xuanyuan, my name is Moze. Don't forget it."

    "Xuanyuan Moze?"

    Shock went through her heart. Xuanyuan was a royalty's surname! That was a noble royal family name, was he really from the royal family? No wonder, no wonder there was always assassins after him, and the strengths of the assassins were always powerful. The Xuanyuan surname didn't even exist in a first grade country. They only exist in the Eight Supreme Empire!

    The Eight Supreme Empire was above the first grade country. Rumours were that it was suspended in the air and completely separate from all the other countries, and was known as the mysterious city in the sky.

    They had the most brutal elimination system. In the entire empire, whether it was a hawker or a citizen, they cultivated everyone to be good people. It was said that it was the dream empire for all who cultivated their skills. Once you enter the empire and take roots there, it could change the lives of even the weakest cultivators.
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