557 Meeting

    Seeing her astonished expression, the corner of his lips curved up slightly. "So, you also need to become stronger. Only by becoming stronger can you join hands with me to welcome the future trials and hardships. My woman can't be weak."

    Feng Jiu's lips moved but she couldn't make any sound for quite some time. She found it hard to believe that the man in front of her was from the eight great empires' royal families. You know, not to mention those of the small ninth-grade countries like herself, even the first-grade countries had to look up to that place of power.

    "It's too early to tell you about these things. You'll know about them slowly later." During the conversation, he flicked his sleeves and removed the boundary he erected earlier. Again, he used the chopsticks to give her some of the dishes. "Here, eat more."

    Feng Jiu shot him a glance and took out the rice bowl. While eating, she was digesting the news. This was as shocking as knowing that her grandfather had such a history of romance. Eight great empires, a place like in the legends, where many cultivators yearned to touch but couldn't. And here she was sitting in front of that kind of figure.

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze of the royal kin. This name carried enormous weight.

    "Master, that looks like, looks like the Old Patriarch?"

    Feng Jiu looked up at Leng Hua's exclamation. When she saw his eyes were on the street, she followed his line of sight. A surprising scene greeted her sight. "It's really Grandpa!"

    She put down the bowl in her hand and looked curiously by the window. Her grandfather was following a woman in a light green dress with a well-behaved manner. He was at a half-step behind consciously, as if he wanted to put some distance. However, he was pulled closer by the woman.

    "Could that be Aunt Su Xi?" She blinked curiously, her eyes full of excitement.

    "Should be."

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze also looked at the two people on the street. When he saw those two had an extremely mismatched outward appearance, he said, "That woman is really sincere to your grandfather."

    She was a woman of a noble clan with a first-class background but fell in love with an old man in his declining years. If this was not true love, what did this represent?

    "Mm, I think so, too." Feng Jiu nodded approvingly. "Although I know they are about the same age, Aunt Su Xi's appearance is so well-preserved. It's indeed giving my grandfather a huge pressure to be together with her."

    He looked at her, a smile flashed in his deep eyes. "Didn't you want to refine the pill to return people to their youth? What happened? Are you cowering in fright now?"

    "How is it possible?" She raised her voice slightly. "I just thought that it might be very difficult, especially since my proficiency in refining medicinal pills is not as good as my medicine skills. If I want to develop such pills myself, I have to continue delving deep in the pill refining field to raise up my skills. Otherwise, it would be very difficult indeed."

    "I recall you didn't say that last time." He said with some amusement.

    She was not ashamed at all. Instead, her eyes were full of laughter and brilliance. she said, "Yes! It was an exaggeration, but I do have that idea and will definitely make the attempt. But before developing the pill to return one to his youth, it would be better to help my grandfather to advance his cultivation. Although mystical energy cultivation is not as good as spirit cultivation, as long as he reaches a certain level, he can also become younger!"

    She had thought over and over that her grandfather was now at the Martial Ancestor peak stage. Using medicine to help him advance will be much faster compared to developing the pill to return one to youth. Hence, the thought came to her.
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