558 Eavesdropping

    "It's hard for others, but easy for you." Xuanyuan Mo Ze smiled lightly and looked at the two people on the street. He said, "It's very difficult for others to get a bottle of medicine to advance cultivation even by paying a very high price for it. However, you can easily create it, thus it's not difficult to help him advance."

    Feng Jiu also directed her gaze at the two people in the street at this time. Her eyes were bright and a cunning glint flashed by. "Compared to this topic, I think this scene is more interesting than what we've seen in the past. Grandpa accompanies a woman to go shopping, ah! Such a scene is unusual."

    Seeing this, he couldn't help shaking his head. "Following from behind? You go! I won't go." He didn't have this hobby of tailing people. If he did, he was only interested in her.

    "All right, then you can stay at the inn and have a good rest. I'll follow them and take a look." She immediately stood up, called Leng Shuang and Leng Hua. They left the inn and went down the street.

    At this time, Old Patriarch Feng, who was dragged to the street by Su Xi, blushed slightly. He whispered, "Su Xi, where are we going?"

    "Didn't you say to accompany me for a stroll and buy things?" Su Xi answered. "Big Brother said, he will send you back in two days. But you must remember your promise. After going back, don't forget to have the people bring back the betrothal gifts. Don't go without news."

    "I won't, I won't." Old Patriarch Feng kept waving his hand.

    Not far behind, Feng Jiu, accompanied by Leng Shuang and Leng Hua, walked and stopped. They occasionally stopped to look at the things on the stalls, but actually, they listened and eavesdropped on the conversation between the two people in front.

    When she heard Aunt Su Xi told him to have people bring the betrothal gifts after he went home, she couldn't help but be amazed. Her grandfather and Aunt Su Xi's relationship had developed so fast, to the point that they were even discussing marriage?

    She continued listening with curiosity until finally, she heard a piece of news that made her lose her cool.

    "Remember, I'm yours now, but don't keep me waiting too long."

    When Old Patriarch Feng heard that, even his ears turned red. With a low voice, he said, "Su Xi, we're on the street!"

    "So what if we're on the street? I'm telling the truth."

    "Yes, yes, I know, I know." He wiped his cold sweat. He thought inwardly that it was a good thing he didn't know anyone, or else he wouldn't be able to keep his self-respect.

    Feng Jiu held a fan to cover her wide-open mouth due to surprise. She looked at the girl selling the fan in front of her, making the girl blush.

    "Young, Young Master, do you like this fan?"

    Feng Jiu returned to her senses after a long while. She smiled calmly at the girl. "I like it. I'm buying this fan." Meanwhile, she signalled Leng Hua to give the money.

    She looked at the two people who were getting farther and farther, but she did not follow them any more. She became aware of two big news in the day and her heart could not withstand it. At this time, her heart was beating wildly. She looked at Aunt Su Xi's figure and couldn't help admire her.

    This Aunt Su Xi was not simple, ah! She's too amazing! What a character! She totally admired her. Unexpectedly, it took such a short time to get her grandfather to settle the matter?

    Seeing her grandfather's look, when those two marry, he would most likely be a henpecked husband.

    "Young Master, they are already far away." Leng Hua drew her attention with a whisper, seeing her in a daze,

    "No, we won't follow them. I need to find a place to relax." She exhaled softly and patted her chest.

    "There's a small tea stand over there. Master wants to sit down a bit?" Leng Hua pointed at the tea stall at the street corner.
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