559 Missing

    Seeing that returning to the inn will take some time and there were few people in the corner tea stall, she nodded. "Alright." Then she took a step toward the stall and sat down at the table in the corner.

    "You guys sit down, too!" She motioned. With a hand propping her chin, she told them, "I was worried about how Grandpa and Su Xi could get together somehow, but I didn't expect they moved so fast. It seems that I was worrying in vain."

    Leng Hua poured her a cup of tea and laughingly said, "The Lord would be shocked if he knew about it."

    "Hehe, that's for sure. He would never think Grandpa is so happy here. Sigh, Grandpa is not honest, ah! He's been good and well, but he still has not sent a message back, it had made us worried for so long."

    She took a sip of tea and spoke with a playful gleam in her eyes. "I wanted to give Grandpa a surprise, but look at this, sigh! Let's forget it! Just by being at Aunt Su Xi's side, his neck turned all red. From time immemorial, it's known that a beautiful woman's favour is the most difficult to bear. This saying is true, ah!"

    While tapping her finger on the table, she was thinking that Grandpa's love had been resolved. Now, she had to pay attention to her father and mother's matters. It's best to have the family reunited so that they all can be harmonious and happy.

    "Mm? What smells so fragrant?" She sniffed. There was a strong appetizing aroma in the air, "It smells like chicken."

    The small tea stall's old proprietor laughed, "Young master's sense of smell is good indeed. Just now, a person walked by carrying some stuff and you can identify the smell as chicken. Haha, this is a famous local delicacy in our Three Rivers City. It's called Sniffing Fragrant Roast Chicken. It's sold at a shop just two streets away. There are only one hundred chickens sold per day. After everything's sold out, they won't make any more."

    "Master wants to eat it? Let me go and buy it!" Leng Hua laughed and started to stand up.

    "I'll go." Leng Shuang said. She motioned him to stay with the master.

    "Mm, if it's still available, buy two and come back here. We'll take them back to the inn to eat."

    "Yes." Leng Shuang answered. After asking for direction, she left.

    Leng Hua stood by Feng Jiu, accompanying her quietly, and poured her tea from time to time. Feng Jiu was resting her chin on one hand, thinking over things. Time flew, but his sister still hadn't returned. He couldn't help wondering.

    He got up and come to that small tea stall's proprietor. "Old man, didn't you say that the shop is not far from here?"

    "That's correct! It's not far, just two streets away. It's very close." The old man smilingly said while continued working. He asked, "Guest, do you need any more tea?"

    "No need." Leng Hua shook his head and asked again, "How is the business in that store? Does one needs to line up?"

    The old man waved his hand, "Usually not, because the Sniffing Fragrant Roast Chicken is not cheap. Ordinary people will not buy it often. He has to sell one hundred roast chickens till afternoon anyway."

    When he heard his answer, Leng Hua returned to the table and told Feng Jiu, "Master, my sister hasn't returned yet. Why don't I go and have a look?" She ought not to have been gone so long since it was only two streets away. Besides, the master was still waiting here. She should have returned quickly unless she was entangled in something.

    Feng Jiu came to and noticed that nearly half an hour had passed. Since Leng Shuang unexpectedly had not returned, she stood up and said, "Let's go together. I've been sitting here for a while."

    They paid for the tea and went to the roast chicken shop. After asking around, they became aware that Leng Shuang had never stepped into the shop.
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