560 Looking For Someone

    "Didn't come?" Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and glanced at the servant before she walked out.

    "Would she have gone back to the inn?" Leng Hua asked, but she felt uneasy.

    Feng Jiu thought about it and replied: " Not possible, I think something must have happened. But we should still go to the inn to take a look first, and check with Gray Wolf if any of their men are here. Let's go!" They headed back to the inn together.

    Feng Jiu's expression was grim at this point, she hadn't expected Leng Shuang to disappear. She had only gone two streets down to buy something. Are the people here that crazy? They would actually kidnap someone in broad daylight? There was no commotion, so the person who had taken Leng Shuang must be very highly skilled.

    When she got back to the inn, she went up to the second floor, Gray Wolf and Shadow One were stood outside the door. She asked them: "Gray Wolf, are there any of Hell's Lord's men in Three Rivers City?"

    When he heard the question, Gray Wolf was startled: "Of course, our Lord has men in every city, and there is a base right here." He continued: "What's the matter? What happened?"

    Why did her demeanor change so quickly after only a short trip out?

    "Leng Shuang is missing. Help me find out now, quickly." She dreaded to think what would happen to a girl who was in the hands of a stranger. This was really bad. Therefore, she had to find her quickly, or she really didn't know what would happen to her.

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One were shocked at the news. Leng Shuang was missing? Gray Wolf asked immediately: "Where did she go missing? What happened exactly? I will send someone to investigate immediately."

    "We took a break at the corner of the street and my sister went to buy some roast chicken to bring back to the inn. We waited for a very long time, but she did not return. We went to the shop and the shopkeeper said my sister never arrived." Leng Hua's eyebrows creased with worry as she described everything that happened, concern in her eyes: "We don't know she disappeared. But we are sure that she has been kidnapped."

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze overheard the conversation while he was in his room and came out immediately and gave his orders: "Send someone to investigate first, we need to find out what's happened before dark."

    "Yes!" Gray Wolf answered and walked away immediately.

    He looked at Feng Jiu and said: "It's useless to worry, we just have to wait for news."

    Feng Jiu was deep in thought, she had no intention to wait at the inn like he suggested: "I will take Leng Hua with me to ask around at the market." She turned and walked away.

    Seeing her walk away, Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at Shadow One and said: "Tell the men who are protecting her in secret to follow closely. Don't let anything happen to her."


    Shadow One proceeded to go downstairs after he replied. There were people protecting his master in secret, and also people protecting the Ghost Doctor in secret. After all, they didn't know when they would encounter an ambush or assassination.

    When she arrived at the black market, Feng Jiu took out her token and found the black market president. She informed him about the situation and asked him to send his men to aid in the search.

    When he saw the token, the black market president had no choice but to lend a hand. Hence, he sent some of his men to go out to investigate.

    At this point in time, the previously unconscious Leng Shuang woke up to find her hands and legs were bound. There was also a piece of cloth stuffed in her mouth. She was locked in a room and couldn't help but feel worried. She struggled to untie the ropes but they were tied too tight. No matter how much she tugged, she was unable to loosen them.

    She sensed that there were two people outside the door whose cultivation skills were far higher than hers. Other than the layout of the room she was held in, she knew nothing about else about the location she was kept in.

    She remembered being knocked unconscious from behind. When she awoke, she was in this room. Who had brought her here? What did they want?
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