561 Where Was She?

    While she was still deep in thought, she heard voices drift in from outside. Just after she had laid back down on the bed and pretended to be still unconscious, she heard the sound of the door opening.

    "This woman still hasn't woken up?" A man said. He was a man that was in his thirties and had a pale face and puffy eyes. There was a smokey glow around his eyes.

    "Master, she is not awake yet. The blow to the back of her head was probably too hard." The person next to him said.

    "It's fine. It's still early now anyway! I shall come back tonight!" However, the man did not leave after he had spoken. Instead, he walked over to the bed and looked at the woman clothed in black. As he stared at her exquisite body up and down, he could not help but lick his lips.

    "The girl for tonight has an exquisite body and looks hot. I can barely contain myself just looking at her."

    "Master's taste has always been good. There were so many girls on the street and Master chose her, it is her good fortune." The man next to him said flatteringly.

    "Hey, it is her good fortune for myself to have taken a fancy to her. She can only become my woman now. It's fine, I'm not in a hurry anyway. Order the servants downstairs to help this lady dress up once she has woken up. I will come back tonight." His voice was low and the excitement in his voice obvious.

    "Yes, yes."

    As Leng Shuang listened to his words, she fought the urge to open her eyes. She waited till the two men had left and the room was quiet once again before she opened her eyes. She spat out the cloth in her mouth and stared out of the room with coldness in her eyes.

    She racked her brains to think of a plan. She knew that her master would look for her when she realized that she was missing. But she could not just sit her and await what was coming. She had to think of a way to save herself. If she only had to deal with those two men, it would be no problem. However, there were two men who stood guard outside her room. Their skills were far more superior than hers. It proved difficult for her to escape.

    Master had given her some self defence medicinal items. If she was able to untie the ropes, she might be able to make use of them.

    At the same time elsewhere, Feng Jiu was looking more and more upset as the day got darker and there was still no news of Leng Shuang. Before she returned to the inn, she had gone to a few underground black markets and brothels, but there was no news of her.

    Since she was not kidnapped by anyone from the black markets or brothels, Leng Shuang must have caught the eye of some pervert who coveted her beauty. If this was the case, then as each minute passed, Leng Shuang was in even more danger.

    Xuanyuan Moze looked at her, he could see the frost seeping out of her body. He consoled her: "There will be news very soon. The people from the black market are looking for her, as are my men. It is just a Three Rivers City. There are two groups of formidable people looking for her, it won't be hard to find her."

    Feng Jiu glanced at him without speaking. Her eyes focused on Leng Hua who stood by the window, looking outside in a daze.

    Leng Hua was probably the one who was most worried about Leng Shuang's disappearance. They were connected by blood, and have depended on each other their whole lives. Now that his elder sister was in trouble and he was unable to help, he could only wait for news. His feelings were unimaginable.

    At this point, Gray Wolf walked over hurriedly: "Master, Master Jiu, there is news!"

    Upon hearing this, Leng Hua turned and walked over to Gray Wolf immediately and asked: "Have you found my elder sister? Where is she? How is she? Is she okay?"
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