562 Feisty Character

    "She's been taken by a man whose surname is Zhong. The man is quite the pervert. He must have taken a fancy to Leng Shuang's beauty. I have sent men to rescue her and I came back to report to you."

    Leng Hua's heart sank when he heard this. He looked at his master. He wanted to go and save his elder sister....

    Feng Jiu looked at Leng Hua and said to Gray Wolf: "Bring Leng Hua over there."

    "Thank you Master." Leng Hua said and left with Gray Wolf.

    Feng Jiu looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze beside her and said: "You just wait here. I will be right back."

    He did not follow her as he knew she handled herself well. Hence, he stayed at the inn and waited for her return.

    At the same time, in a courtyard, Leng Shuang who had changed into a pale purple outfit looked even more glamorous than before. If the black clothes she wore was unable to conceal her beauty, let alone the pretty pale purple dress.

    The man walked over with light footsteps and looked at Leng Shuang who was tied up on the bed. His eyes were lecherous and his expression was perverted: "What a beautiful woman, the best, just the best!"

    Leng Shuang stared at the man coldly. Even though it was clear from his appearance, this man was over-indulgent, however, he was a Golden Core Cultivator. Her heart felt heavy. No wonder only her hands and legs were tied up. He didn't expect her to be able to escape from him.

    In an instant, she changed her mindset, she hadn't lost hope. She mustered up all the cold energy in her body and asked him coldy: "Mister, how do you intend to treat this beauty?"

    The man's eyes brightened up at this question: "Of course I will be gentle with beautiful women." He walked over to the bed and asked tentatively: "Beauty, shall I untie your ropes? You can't escape. If you escape you will make me angry, and the consequences will be serious."

    Leng Shuang did not speak and only stretched out her tied up hands towards him.

    The man didn't care much and untied the ropes that tied her hands together. He sat on the bed and stared at her. The more he looked at her the more he felt that her beauty was out of this world. His heart stirred with heat and he reached out to hold her chin.

    "Beauty, what is your name?"

    Leng Shuang moved away and stared at him coldly as she untied the rope around her legs: " Leng Shuang."

    "Leng Shuang? You are indeed a frosty person, your name suits your personality." His eyes flashed, the lecherous look in his eyes deepend: "I didn't think you would tell me your name. How interesting it is that I asked you and you told me your name so casually."

    "I've told you so that you know the name of the person who is going to kill you!" As soon as she finished speaking she reached out for his throat. She was so fast that even though the man had come prepared, he could not help but be shocked. His throat hurt and he spat out blood.

    The man backed away quickly and touched his neck. He saw the fresh blood on his fingers and laughed. He licked the blood and stared at Leng Shuang who was stood up.

    "Your skills are quite quick and strong, and your temper is fiery. I like it." He suddenly reached forwards to grab hold of Leng Shuang.

    As the two people in the room fought, the men who stood guard outside the room only listened quietly, with no intention of getting involved. She was no match for their master after all, her life and death would ultimately be decided by their master.
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