563 The Person Who Killed You is Called Leng Shuang


    The sound of clothes being torn drifted out from inside the room. The two guards outside the room looked at each other and smiled.

    Back in the room, the man lifted the piece of cloth torn from Leng Shuang's dress to his nose and sniffed deeply. His eyes once never left Leng Shuang, he was completely mesmerised: " Even the clothes beauty has worn smells lovely."

    Leng Shuang's face was expressionless. Her clothes had been changed and it left her defenceless. Otherwise, that blow to the neck earlier would not have just cut his neck, it would have taken his life!

    However, if it was Master, this man would be dead either way. Master did not need weapons to kill people. It seems that she needed to learn from Master how to kill people bare-handedly.

    "Beauty, let's continue. I don't believe that you will be able to remain so calm." The man reached out towards Leng Shuang again. Leng Shuang picked up the vase next to her and threw it at the man. The man ducked and the vase landed on the floor broken.

    She did not evade his reach but moved forwards and they exchanged a few blows. Her dress was torn again at her left shoulder, her clothes were pulled down by the man and revealed her snow white skin. She stumbled and fell. Her arm landed on the broken vase and blood oozed out.

    "Look at you, why are you so careless? You're injured now?" The man frowned and his face had a pained expression as he looked at her bleeding snow white skin. He stared at her chest and could not help but kept licking his lips. His breath quickened and he kept swallowing.

    Leng Shuang looked up as he approached. She jumped up at the next instant and leaped across at the man. The man smiled nonchalantly. He did not dodge but held on to her arm instead. However, at this moment, his body stiffened and he stared at her wide eyed.

    Blood gushed from his throat. His blood vessels had been cut. He couldn't stop the blood that kept flowing out. He let go of Leng Shuang and took a step back, staring at her.

    Leng Shuang tossed aside the vase fragment that was in her hand and stared coldly at the man. She adjusted her clothes and said to him: "Remember, the person who killed you is called Leng Shuang."


    The man collapsed in a heap. He died with regret at his own folly that a lowly skilled girl could actually defeat him a Golden Core cultivator.

    How could he have known that Leng Shuang trained under Feng Jiu. Even if she had no weapons, as long as she had a sharp blade in her hand, she would be able to take someone's life!

    Leng Shuang quickly looked through the man's waist bag and found her own waist bag inside. She took her dagger out just as the two guards who had felt something amiss opened the door.

    When they smelled the blood in the room and saw the man in a heap on the floor, they leapt towards Leng Shuang immediately.

    Leng Shuang was only able to kill the Golden Core cultivator because he was unprepared. She used the opportunity to distract him in order to take his life. These two Golden Core cultivators were coming at her directly and she had no way to defend herself.


    She was attacked by one of them and had lost all balance in her body as she was thrown out of the room. She thought she was going to fall onto the ground, but she was caught by someone.
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