564 The flames burn all nigh

    The old Nascent Soul shot a glance at the two and shoved Leng Shuang to the side. "Get out of the way." As he spoke, the figure swept past her in a flash toward the room. A few shrill screams were heard from inside the room, then silence reigned inside the whole courtyard once again.

    "Big Sister!"

    Gray Wolf brought Leng Hua over to the place. When Leng Hua saw his sister in tattered clothes inside, he gasped in surprise. He then took off his coat quickly and put it on her. "Sister, what happened to you?"

    Gray Wolf inspected her closely, but it was only the lapel of her dress that was torn and the cut on her arm was bleeding. He sighed in relief. Fortunately, she was alright. It's a big hassle if something serious happened.

    "It's nothing." Leng Shuang shook her head. Seeing his worried face, she added, "It's only a light splinter wound."

    Leng Hua quickly staunched the bleeding and dressed her wound. "Sister, when you're missing, Master and I have been worried sick. She had both Hell's Lord's and the Black Market's people investigate your whereabouts. We also combed through many places to search for you. Thank goodness you're okay."

    Those words warmed Leng Shuang's heart. When she was about to speak, a red figure swept in. She called out at once, "Master."

    Feng Jiu looked her up and down and then nodded. "It's good that you're alright." She directed her gaze toward the room.

    When the old man in grey came out, his eyes fell on Feng Jiu. After a slight pause, he nodded and said, "No one's left alive."

    Feng Jiu glanced at the old man then told Leng Shuang and Leng Hua, "Let's go back! Gray Wolf, burn the courtyard."


    They assented and followed her to leave the place. The old man leapt up and vanished into the night. The flame shot through the courtyard and burned everything up. The fire illuminated the midnight sky and startled all the forces in Three Rivers City.

    The Lin clan.

    "Why is there a large fire on the west side of the city? Do you know what happened?" The Lin clan's head inquired all the people under him.

    "That courtyard is the residence of the Zhong clan's son from the first wife. His behaviour is somewhat preposterous. The room is specially used to hide women. I believe he offended someone who then set fire to the building. The perpetrator is still unknown and there is no survivor left." Lin Cheng Zhi told everyone what he had learned.

    "That Zhong clan's son has not acted that way for a year or two. Three Rivers City's residents have not dealt with him. Perhaps, only outsiders dare to act without scruple." Lin Bo Heng motioned, "It's none of our business. Don't pay any attention and just take care of our clan."

    "Yes," The subordinates answered.

    "That's all. Let's talk about a serious matter." Lin Bo Heng looked at his sons. "Your Aunt's marriage is finally decided. Although the engagement ceremony has not yet been carried out, each one of you should be ready after returning back. Give her generous gifts."

    "Father, we all know how to do this. You, the older one, don't have to worry about it." Lin Cheng Zhi said with a smile and looked at his brothers.

    "Yes, Father, you can rest assured about that! We'll be well prepared." The second son smiled. They were genuinely happy that their aunt was going to get married.

    Lin Bo Heng nodded with satisfaction. "Mm, since you know already, I won't ramble. I want to personally send San Yuan back a few days later. The eldest will be in charge of the Lin clan."
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