565 Not the same

    "Rest assured, Father. When you're not at home, the few younger brothers and I will guard our Lin clan." Lin Cheng Zhi stood up.


    Lin Bo Heng nodded with pleasure. These children were like siblings from the same parents and were closely bonded, unlike those of other clans who were vying and killing each other. It was their good example as elders that all the younger descendants were all well-behaved. The reputation of his Lin family at the Three Rivers City was very good.

    After returning to the inn, Feng Jiu had Leng Shuang take a bath and get her wound redressed. She made sure that the wound was well-treated so that Leng Shuang could have a good rest.

    Outside, Xuanyuan Mo Ze sat at the table and poured her a cup of wine when she came out. He asked in a muffled voice as if the question was unintentional, "Have you always been so attentive to the people close to you?"

    Feng Jiu glanced at him. "If others treat me sincerely, I naturally treat them sincerely, too. What's so strange?" Although Leng Shuang and Leng Hua had not served her for a long time, she believed that they would both ignore their own safety when she met any danger.

    They treated her not so much as their master, but rather as their own family and their pillars. Since she felt that they treated them in all sincerity, she would naturally treat them wholeheartedly.

    Hearing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze's deep dark eyes flashed, "So, has this Lord not done enough?"

    Feng Jiu shot her a scornful glance, "It's not the same."

    "How is it different?"

    Feng Jiu simply looked at him. Her gaze was profound but she did not give him an answer. She continued to say, "I'm going to rest. We'll head to the Lin's clan early tomorrow morning." She turned around and returned to the room.

    He was watching her enter the room until the door was shut close. He tapped the table with his fingers unconsciously and asked, "How is it different?" Glancing at Shadow One who was in the invisible mode, he said, "Do you know the answer?"

    As soon as the master's eyes swept at him, Shadow One summoned his courage and stepped forward. He slightly paused and answered, "This subordinate has some opinions. If it is incorrect, I hope Master will not blame me."

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze threw him a glance. "Speak."


    Shadow replied, "This subordinate doesn't know what Young Master Jiu meant by 'it's different'. But this subordinate is certain that Young Master Jiu treated Master differently from other people."

    "Oh?" His eyes flickered. "Go on."

    "Others can't get close to Young Master Jiu physically, but Master can. That's the difference."

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze was lost in thoughts. As the participant, he was lost and couldn't sense the difference. However, it seemed to be as what Shadow One said.

    As soon as his moodiness was gone, he looked at Shadow One who stood with his head lowered. "You have a lot of experience in this field, but why didn't this Lord see you close to any woman?"

    When he heard this, Shadow One turned stiff. He didn't know how to answer this question. Fortunately, his master did not wait for his reply. After sipping his wine, he got up and went back to the room. When Shadow one saw him enter the room, he was secretly relieved.

    He pondered, That boy Gray Wolf ran out somewhere. If he were here, he also wouldn't be able to answer such a question.

    The next morning, Feng Jiu, dressed in red, came out of her room a little sleepy. Seeing that Xuanyuan Mo Ze was already sitting by the window, she yawned and walked over.

    "You got up so early!"
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