567 Who’s looking for this old man?

    "This junior is Feng Jiu. I've seen the Lin clan's head." She stood up and cupped her fists in greeting.

    Hearing this, Lin Boheng who was sitting at the master chair was startled. His eyes widened with surprise. "You, you are Feng Jiu?! Feng Qing Ge? San Yuan's granddaughter?" He looked her up and down, but couldn't figure out that the youth in front of him was a woman.

    Which woman could disguise herself as a man without leaking any feminine coyness? Who could have a totally unaffected and wanton bearing as she did? If she hadn't stated it explicitly, he would not have believed that the youth in front of him was San Yuan's granddaughter.

    He had people investigated and naturally knew that San Yuan's granddaughter was originally called Feng Qing Ge but later changed her name to Feng Jiu. However, he wondered, how could she know San Yuan's affairs here? Why did she suddenly come for a visit?

    From the investigation result, he knew that this granddaughter of San Yuan was not simple. He didn't expect that she was even more incredible when he saw her in the flesh.

    And the man in black....

    His gaze fell on the man in the black robe and thought that this man should have been the powerful man who helped them destroy the Nascent Soul Old Monster! This man was truly dangerous, being able to slaughter a Nascent Soul swiftly.

    "Exactly." Feng Jiu smiled, "I know my grandfather is here, so I've come to take a look."

    Hearing this, Lin Bo Heng had an odd expression on his face. He mulled over her words carefully in her heart: She knew her grandfather was here, so she came to take a look? Just to take a look?

    "Cough, cough!"

    He coughed twice. From his dignified face, a smile that he thought as amiable was let out. "That, Feng boy, er, no, Little Feng girl, your grandfather and I are friends. You don't need to call me Lin clan's head. Just call me Grandpa Lin."

    "Yes, Grandpa Lin." Feng Jiu was smiling, seeming very obliging. Her manner was lovable.

    "About this, well, even though we captured your grandfather at that time... er, invited him for a visit, we've been keeping an eye on your situation. We would like to help out when you needed it, but unexpectedly, you and your father managed it by yourselves so well. I especially told your grandfather that he has a wonderful granddaughter."

    Lin Bo Heng had an embarrassed expression on his face. He had kidnapped someone's grandfather. So when his granddaughter came to visit, he had an inexplicable sense of guilt. Especially since the man in the black robe also glanced at him from time to time. His strong pressure made his palm wet with sweat. His heart was in a fix that he became very jittery.

    "Grandpa Lin, don't worry. I don't blame you." She said smilingly, "I was able to find out that he's here. The investigation also revealed about my grandfather and Aunt Su Xi's matter. This time, I want to see what my grandfather intends to do. If he wants to stay here, I'll go back and talk to my father first, so that he will not worry."

    "Haha, you also knew about their matter?" Lin Bo Heng exhaled softly. "Actually, those two have already explained clearly. That day, your grandfather said that he would go back first to get things well prepared to marry Su Xi. He would be very happy to know that you are here."

    Feng Jiu's smile deepened. "Mm, I also think he would be very surprised to see me." As she spoke, she heard her grandfather's voice coming from outside.

    "Who is it? Who's looking for this old man?" Old Patriarch Feng stepped in, asking the steward who was leading the way.
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