569 I must go back

    Su Xi could only stare blankly when she saw him pacing up and down in a state of panic. She ignored him and went outside the courtyard to meet with the people who came this way. She directed her gaze over a group of people and her eyes lingered on Leng Shuang in a suit of tight black clothes.

    But after watching her for a bit, she felt this woman didn't match. She looked around and her sight fell on the youth in red. She looked her up and down and couldn't make out the youth as a woman. So she had to ask, "Big Brother, I heard San Yuan said that Little Feng is here. This...which one is she?"

    "Haha, you're also unable to tell? It's her, this girl is disguised as a man. Even I can't distinguish it! " Lin Bo Heng laughed in a clear loud voice. "What about San Yuan? What is going on with him? His granddaughter came and he went into hiding. Is there such a grandfather?"

    "When he saw his granddaughter coming, he was pacing up and down frantically. He's only lacking a hole for him to burrow into." Su Xi closed her lips and smiled gently. She looked at Feng Jiu. "You are Little Feng? You look better in men's clothes than real men, I truly can't tell the difference."

    "Aunt Su Xi," Feng Jiu greeted her with a smile. "Aunt Su Xi, you're much more beautiful than your picture."

    Su Xi was surprised, "Picture?"

    "Yes! I saw a painting of Aunt Su Xi at my grandfather's place. That's how I found out about it and then came here." Then she winked at her, "My grandfather truly treasures that painting of a beautiful woman."

    Hearing this, Su Xi pursed her lips and smiled gently. "No wonder your grandfather said you are a clever and mischievous person. I know it for a fact today." She could sense Feng Jiu's friendliness from her few short words and she was delighted.

    "I will first go look for my grandfather. After coming all the way to see him, instead of being surprised, he got so scared that he went into hiding. It really hurts my heart." She spoke with her face wreathed in smiles. As she stepped inside, she saw the old man who wanted to hide but was embarrassed to hide. He turned around to look at her in mortification.

    "Feng, Little Feng! Why are you here?" Since he couldn't escape or hide, Old Patriarch Feng could only face it. He didn't expect that his granddaughter knew about the old man's romantic history. It's a little embarrassing.

    "Grandpa, are you unhappy to see me?" The smile on her face vanished, replaced by a wronged look. "Or do you just want to cherish Aunt Su Xi, so you don't want Little Feng?"

    "No, no, no, really that's not it." Old Patriarch Feng waved his hand and started to break into a sweat.


    Seeing him like that, Feng Jiu couldn't help laughing out with a chuckle. "It's alright, Grandpa, I'm just teasing you! I also know about you and Aunt Su Xi's situation. This time I just want to see if you are okay. What are you planning to do next? I know you're safe and sound, but Father's worried!"

    Although she told her father that grandfather would be fine, how could he rest assured without personally seeing him?

    Old Patriarch Feng smiled in a flustered manner. He glanced at the crowd. His gaze fell on Feng Jiu and he answered, "Feng Jiu, I was thinking about going back in two days, but I didn't expect you to come over."

    Feng Jiu's eyes were filled with smiles. "Then Grandpa is coming back? Or are you going to stay here first? Should I go back and get Father to prepare it?"

    "No, no. I must go back. " He answered quickly. He paused a moment and glanced at Su Xi. "I must go back and take care of it myself."
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