570 First Talks About Celestial Rankings

    A soft smile spread across Su Xi's face: "Then go back! Go back with Little Feng, I will wait for you here."

    When she saw this, Feng Jiu smiled: "I have only just arrived! I would like to stay for a while. If Grandfather wants to go back, he will have to wait for a few days first."

    Old Patriarch Feng looked at her and smiled slyly, but did not speak. Su Xi however smiled and said: "Of course, since you're here, you should stay for a while. There is no rush for you to leave."

    "Yes! While you are here you should take a tour around Three Rivers City and admire the scenery. There is also a lot of things for us to do around the city. Su Xi can take you all for a walk now." Lin Bo Heng smiled as he spoke. He looked at them and continued: "You continue chatting while I got ahead to make some arrangements for a big dinner tonight in honour of your arrival."

    He also gave Su Xi some instructions: "Su Xi, take good care of Little Feng and her companions. Do not slack."

    "Elder brother, don't worry. I understand." Su Xi smiled and nodded. She waited till her brother left, she looked at Feng Jiu and then Xuanyuan Mo Ze asking: "May I know how I can address him?"

    "His surname is Ling, he is my friend." Feng Jiu said with a smile.

    "Oh, Young Master Ling." She nodded in acknowledgement and asked: "Shall I take you for a walk around the garden?"

    "There is no need. Miss Su Xi, I assume you and Old Patriarch Feng have not had breakfast? You both should go and eat. We can take a walk by ourselves first. On our way here we saw the garden, we know where it is." She had seen the table filled with breakfast dishes and knew they must not have had eaten.

    "I can't do that." Su Xi shook her head and smiled.

    "It's fine, Little Feng is not an outsider."

    Old Patriarch Feng then said to Little Feng: "Little Feng, go on now! Once Grandfather has finished his breakfast he will come to look for you." He needed to have a rest and calm down first as he had been surprised by all this and his heart had been beating so quickly all this time.

    "Okay then." Su Xi had no choice. She called a servant girl to accompany them to the garden.

    "See you later Grandfather." Feng Jiu winked at him with a cheeky smile and walked away with Xuanyuan Mo Ze.

    During the walk around the Lin Residence, she saw some servants and guards, but had not seen any junior members of the Lin family. Hence, Feng Jiu asked curiously: "There should be a lot of Lin family descendants, but how come I haven't seen anyone?"

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at her. When he saw her puzzled expression, he explained: "All the children of the big and powerful families are usually sent to academies to study. They only come back once or twice a year, so it's not unusual to not see them."

    "Oh? How come the families in the Phoenix Dynasty don't do that?" She asked.

    "Ninth grade countries haven't earned the privilege of doing so. Even if they wanted to send their children to the academy, they don't have the qualifications to do so. However, I seem to remember that once every three years, you are able to enter the academy championship."

    "Yes, that seems to be the case. However, even when we have participated, we have nothing to do with the majority of competition as we get brushed off." She thought for a bit and asked: "Would the Six Star Academy in Green Gallop Country be a good start? I seem to remember reading that this academy is the best one out of all the six grade countries and any below."

    "Not bad." He nodded, his dark eyes settled on her: "Once the matters with your Grandfather has been settled, you can go to Six Star Academy to study. WIth your qualifications, you will be able to reach the Celestial Rankings within a year. And then you can participate in the elections at the other academies."
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