572 Returning to the Feng Empire

    Feng Jiu was stunned to hear that. With a smile, she said, "I am very happy to see that Grandfather has Aunt Su Xi as a confidante. After Grandfather and Aunt Su Xi marry, I would not always stay at the Phoenix Empire."

    "Not staying there? Then, where do you want to go?" Startled, Old Patriarch Feng asked her hastily.

    She answered with a cheerful smile. "I'm going to an academy to cultivate! Mm, I'll go to Six Star Academy first, then my big brother will also go there."

    When he heard that she was going to the academy, Old Patriarch Feng was relieved. "It's good that you go to the academy. We can be at ease since the academy has teachers and so on to look after you."

    The pair of grandfather and granddaughter chatted here until the evening when Lin Bo Heng prepared a banquet to welcome them. Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze went together. They did not stay long in Three Rivers City. After a few days of strolling about and having fun, they were ready to leave.

    When Lin Bo Heng along with Su Xi and Lin Cheng Zhi saw them off outside the city and saw the luxurious airship, astonishment flashed by their eyes. They didn't expect that Feng Jiu had such a splendid airship. It was much better than that of their clan.

    This type of airship could not be bought with money. Perhaps, this was not Feng Jiu's but owned by the man in black.

    "Big Brother, Su Xi, Cheng Zhi, why don't you go home. There's no need to send me off." While speaking, Old Patriarch Feng's gaze fell on Su Xi. "Su Xi, I won't let you wait too long."

    Su Xi smiled gently and nodded. "Be careful on the way, I'll wait for you to come back."

    "Uncle Feng, everyone, please take care of yourself." Lin Cheng Zhi cupped his fists and gave a salute.

    "Hehe, look at this, I've made an arrangement to send you back, but now you said I don't need to do that." Lin Bo Heng shook his head. "Since Little Feng and Young Master Ling accompany you on your way, San Yuan, Big Brother will not send you off. We are waiting for your letter here."


    Old Patriarch Feng nodded and took a quick look at Su Xi. He told the pair of Lin Bo Heng's father and son, "I hope Big Brother and Cheng Zhi take great care of Su Xi. I will thank you properly when I return."

    "Don't worry, Uncle Feng! We will take care of Aunt well." Lin Cheng Zhi smiled.

    Su Xi simply smiled. Her face couldn't hide her happiness. However, there was a strong sense of reluctance in her heart. If it were not impossible, she really wanted to go with him to the Phoenix Empire.

    "Go ahead! It's going to be dark if you keep on talking." Lin Bo Heng laughingly joked and signalled that they should soon board the airship.

    "Grandpa Lin, Uncle Lin, and Aunt Su Xi, we will meet again soon." Feng Jiu smiled and glanced at them before turning around toward the airship.

    Even though Old Patriarch Feng was reluctant to part, he stepped inside the airship and waited for it to take off. Then he waved to them and signalled them to go back.

    After the airship flew away and disappeared in the sky, Lin Bo Heng told his sister next to him, "Su Xi, let's go back!"

    Lin Cheng Zhi, who was nearby, was also full of smiles, "Yes, Aunt, it won't be long before Uncle Feng comes to pick you up."

    Su Xi smiled, slightly nodded, and then went back with them...

    At the Feng Empire

    The Old Patriarch and his daughter were away. All this made Feng Xiao, whose facial expression was originally solemn, looked despondent ever since his daughter left. He was obviously in a bad mood until he heard the Feng Guard's joyous voice coming from outside.

    "Master, Old Patriarch and Miss have returned!"
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