793 Come Look For Me if You Need Anything

    Feng Jiu shook her head and smiled: "If he can be enticed by someone else, then I'm not bothered about losing him. You don't have to worry about us."

    "Okay!" He smiled back at her and asked: "It's getting late now, would you like me to give you a tour of Qingfeng Inn?"

    "If I remember correctly, yours is a male brothel, am I right?" She stared at him strangely.

    "That's right, we have all types of handsome men here. Charming men, strong men, and pretty faces too. We even have twins, see." He gestured towards the two guards who were stood behind them.

    After hearing those words, the two guards had glanced quickly at Feng Jiu before they looked down and shuffled backwards a little bit.

    "Next time! I will talk to your Master about you wanting to take me for a tour of Qingfeng Inn. I believe he will be very interested in this matter."

    Ren Xiang smiled and replied: "I was only joking."

    "Yes, I know. I was also joking." She smiled back.

    Ren Xiang's mouth twitched as he realised at that moment why his Master was so mesmerised by her and why Gray Wolf was banished to Qingfeng Inn after he met her.

    Finally, Ren Xiang handed over the information he had on Tianyuan Palace and saw her out himself. Before she left, he asked: "Master Feng, do you need me to send a few people over to help you?"

    "No, I have people by my side who can help." She waved her hand: " Thank you for the information."

    "Okay, if you have any problems in the future, just send someone to look for me." He reminded her still at unease.

    "Okay." She smiled then turned and walked away. Seeing that it was still early, instead of returning to the inn, she made her way to Treasure Armoury to see if they had any strong hand weapons for three men.

    Once inside, she picked out a sword for Xiang Hua, a dagger for Bai Xiao and also picked up a bag of silver needles. When she couldn't find a weapon similar to a fan, she asked the shopkeeper.

    "Shopkeeper, do you have a weapon shaped like a fan?"

    "Fan shaped?" The shopkeeper thought for a while and answered: "Yes we do, Mister please wait. I will go and get it for Mister to take a look." The shopkeeper had gone up to the second floor, and when he returned, he brought along with him a medium sized box.

    "Mister, please take a look.This is a white jade fan. There is a mechanism here, and it can also be used as a flying aircraft. Other than the attacking mechanism, it also has a defense power, therefore, it is a little more expensive. This weapon has been with us for a few years now, what does Mister think about it?"

    Feng Jiu took the weapon out and examined it and nodded: "It's not bad, I will take it."

    The shopkeeper was overjoyed and had immediately put the fan back into the box before he wrapped it up for Feng Jiu. After he had settled the bill, he gave her the bag of silver needles free of charge.

    When Feng Jiu arrived at the inn, the three men had already arrived and were waiting for her inside. When they saw her, they stood up immediately.



    Feng Jiu's eyes glazed past the three men and noticed that Xiang Hua had changed into a black robe and he had also shaved his beard, he seemed full of spirit. Du Fan had changed into a beige coloured robe, he was dressed like a scholar, and although his appearance looked ordinary, he also looked well presented.

    "Not bad at all. After a change of clothes, it's as if you're a whole new person." She nodded and then took out the few gifts she had bought for them from space and passed it over: "I bought these for you on my way back. You can use them for now."
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