573 Glowing with health

    Even though their master had been enthroned as the country's ruler and his daughter as the princess, they were too accustomed to calling them as Master and Miss. It was difficult for them to change this habit, thus Master was still Master and Miss was still Miss.

    Hearing this, Feng Xiao stood up in surprise and walked out quickly. "Did you say that Little Jiu and Old Patriarch are back?"

    "Yes, they have arrived outside the city gate. This subordinate came to report it as soon as the news was received."

    "What about the Old Patriarch? How is his condition? Is he still in good health?" Feng Xiao was a little nervous. Although Little Jiu had frequently said that the Old Patriarch was not taken away by an enemy clan, Feng Xiao could not feel at ease without seeing him returning home safe and sound.

    The middle-aged Feng guard said with a smile, "Master, rest assured. I heard the subordinates were saying that Old Patriarch was glowing with health and very energetic."

    "Hahaha! That's great. It's good that he's returning safely, it's good that he's back safe and sound!" He strode out, intending to greet him personally outside the palace gate.

    Meanwhile, Feng Jiu had already changed into female clothing. She walked into the gate of Cloudy Moon City in a white dress while holding Old Patriarch Feng's hand. Behind her, there were only Leng Shuang and Leng Hua leading Old White and the Cloud Devouring Beast. Xuanyuan Mo Ze, Grey Wolf and Shadow One had already gone to the palace ahead of them.

    She did not stop the airship directly in front of the palace gate but alighted outside the city. She wanted to enter the Cloudy Moon City with her grandfather so that everyone knew that her grandfather was back!

    When the clans in the city heard the news, they were astonished.

    "What? Old Patriarch Feng is back?"

    "How did he come back all of a sudden? Didn't he disappear mysteriously?"

    "Who did he come back with? Where did he go at that time period? Who took him captive?"

    Each and every clan's doubts were spread over the city. Since Old Patriarch Feng was the father of the Phoenix Empire's reigning emperor, people felt that what the Feng clan went through during this period of time was too incredible.

    Feng Xiao, who was in a coma suddenly awoke, his cultivation advanced to the rank of Martial Emperor and overthrew the Murong family to become the country's ruler. Now, the missing Old Patriarch Feng was back?

    Such a novel and odd thing made everyone filled with curiosity. Since they knew that their object of curiosity was now entering the city gate, they rushed out to have a look. The Feng clan, now a royal family, was not just anyone that their family could just visit whenever they wanted to.

    "Old Patriarch Feng, you're back!"

    "What Old Patriarch Feng? He's now the father of the reigning emperor!"

    The city's commoners who were acquainted with him greeted him one after another. When people mentioned his different status, everyone changed his title and called him the Retired Emperor.

    "Haha, this old man is back. I've made everyone worried." Old Patriarch Feng greeted the people in the city with a smile on his face. When he saw the warm and joyful look of the people, his smile deepened.

    "Grandfather, everyone is very happy to see you back!" Feng Jiu held his arm while walking to the palace gate. Her face was wreathed in smiles.

    "Yes! Living here for so many years, we all know each other and are naturally happy." He nodded and felt deeply moved. Far away, he saw a familiar figure coming towards them. His eyes lit up when he saw that figure.

    "Old Geng Family Patriarch! Your old chap left the country, hahaha!!" Old Patriarch Feng walked forward quickly toward Old Patriarch Geng. They hugged and patted each other on the shoulder.
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