574 The gathering at the palace gate

    "Old Man Feng, regard this as a homecoming!"

    Old Geng Family Patriarch laughed in a clear and loud voice. He looked him up and down and saw that Old Patriarch Feng was fine. Contrary to people's expectations, he was glowing with health. In an astonished tone, Old Patriarch Geng asked, "Where have you been these days? You didn't seem to have suffered much, did you? Why are you in better health than I am?"

    Old Patriarch Feng did not know how to answer this question. He was unable to speak since he felt that telling his old friend that he was going to get married was too embarrassing.

    Seeing his grandfather's ridicule, Feng Jiu could not help but compressed her lips in a smile. "Grandpa Geng."

    "Hehe, Feng clan's girl! Where did you find your grandfather? Look at how strange he is. I asked him a question and he got so embarrassed." Old Patriarch Geng thought it was so odd and looked at him from time to time.

    Feng Jiu smiled craftily and spoke in a mysterious tone, "My grandfather is in good spirits since he encountered a happy event. Grandpa Geng, please keep it a secret for the time being. Soon, the news will come out and you will surely be surprised." She smiled.

    Old Patriarch Geng was shocked and then laughed heartily. "Good, good. Then this old man will wait to see what the big happy event is." He paused and then spoke again. "You've just come back. I don't want to delay your return to the palace. We can talk later when we have time."

    "Good. Then we'll go back first. Wait for a few days, this old man will visit the Geng clan for a drink." Old Patriarch Feng spoke and patted him on the shoulder. Then he walked away with his granddaughter.

    On the way, many clan people came to express their good wishes. He also returned their greetings along the way, so that everyone could see that he returned safe and sound. When he reached the palace gate and saw the people waiting there, Old Patriarch Feng was deeply moved.

    He never foresaw that a Feng clan descendant would overthrow the Murong clan and ascend the throne. What's more unimaginable, he left home and everything was totally different when he came back.


    Feng Xiao came and welcomed him. He saw that his father was safe and sound. Finally, he let go of his worries. In a joyful and excited mood, he told him, "It's good that you are back, it's good that you are back!"

    "Father, didn't I say that Grandfather would be okay?" Feng Jiu smiled gently and looked at her father. With a mysterious smile, she said, "Besides, our family is about to have a happy event."

    Feng Xiao was startled. A happy event? When he was still wondering what the happy event was, they heard Luo Yu and others who followed him come forward and give a salute.

    "Subordinates salute the Mistress!"

    "Get up, everyone!" Feng Jiu waved, signalling them to get up.

    "Mistress, you are back!" Luo Yu looked at her. "When you're not here, we kept thinking about you all the time. We're hoping for the mistress to come back sooner."

    "Come back soon and deal with all of you?" Feng Jiu smiled gently and swept a glance at those few people.

    Hearing this, everyone laughed and a joyful atmosphere filled the room.

    "Okay, let's go inside the palace. What kind of conversation can we have here?" Feng Xiao came to the old patriarch's side. "Father, when you're not here, a lot of things happened during that period. I wonder if Little Jiu has told you about it. If not, I will tell you in detail later."

    "I know everything that happened here from Little Feng. You did the right thing. In that case, such a decision was correct." As he walked inside, Old Patriarch Feng spoke, "I just didn't expect that Little Feng had such courage to support you to ascend the country's ruler throne."
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