575 Father, who’s going to marry you?

    Father and son walked together, chatting all the way to the palace. Feng Jiu was surrounded by Luo Yu and others. Luo Yu was especially inquisitive, asking them whether they had encountered any interesting things when they went out this time.

    Since Feng Jiu didn't say much and Leng Shuang also didn't like to talk a lot, finally Luo Yu directly pestered Leng Hua to tell them what happened outside during this period.

    Feng Jiu didn't return to the palace to rest. Instead, she went immediately to her father and grandfather, intending to discuss with them about her grandfather and Aunt Su Xi's marriage.

    In the great hall, her father and grandfather were talking. When they saw her coming in, they beckoned her to come forward.

    "Little Jiu, earlier you mentioned that there will be a happy occasion. What kind of event is it?" Feng Xiao asked with a smile while looking at his daughter who advanced toward them.

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu looked at her grandfather in surprise. "Grandfather, you haven't said that yet?"

    "Haha, aren't we waiting until you're here to talk about it together?" Old Patriarch Feng smiled embarrassedly. Then he straightened up, held back his smile and looked at Feng Xiao with a serious expression. His solemn look aroused Feng Xiao's attention. He waited with bated breath for Old Patriarch Feng's words.

    "I'm going to get married. You'll let somebody look through the almanac and see if there is an auspicious day soon. After that, start preparing for the marriage without delay."

    When he heard his elderly father told him with a taut face that he was going to get married, Feng Xiao was baffled and thought he had misheard him. He asked, "Father, what did you say just now? Who did you say is getting married?"

    "Cough, cough!"

    Old Patriarch Feng coughed and glared at him. "I, your father, will remarry. Do you understand it now?"

    "Wha, what? You're getting married?" Feng Xiao was dumbfounded. He looked at his father with astonishment written in his face.

    "Father, our family will have a big wedding!" With a compressed smile, Feng Jiu looked at her father who currently wore a stunned and astonished look. She felt very happy.

    See! It was not only her who reacted like this when learning of the news.

    After quite a while, Feng Xiao's eyes that stared blankly at Old Patriarch Feng recovered his consciousness. He asked with a strange look, "Father, who's going to marry you?" His father was an old man. Although in the immortal cultivation world he was not considered aged, his complexion was withered. Who wanted to marry an old man?

    What's more, the old man disappeared for so long. When he came back, he said he was going to get married. Anyone would be baffled.

    Hearing this, Old Patriarch Feng stared at him with his face flushed. He stood up and flung his sleeves. "Do it for this old man without delay. Don't ask questions. This old man is tired and will go to rest first."

    The father and daughter in the hall stared blankly and then smiled as they watched Old Patriarch Feng left angrily while flinging his sleeves.

    "Little Jiu, what on earth is this about? Why did the old man come back and say he was going to be married? Where is this woman from? Is this reliable?" Feng Xiao inquired his daughter. In fact, he was afraid that the old man acquainted with a person of unclear background.

    "Father, don't worry. It's absolutely reliable. Let me tell you about it. It's like this...""

    With a smile, she recounted her grandfather and Aunt Su Xi in a simple way. Finally, she said with a strange look, "Furthermore, it seems that just the day before I came, Grandfather and Aunt Su Xi had already done the deed. So, we really need to pick an auspicious date quickly and get people list the betrothal gifts. Then, we send the auspicious date and gifts to the Lin clan in Three Rivers City in advance. We absolutely must do this extravagantly."
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