576 Waiting for the wedding day

    Hearing that, Feng Xiao was shocked and completely baffled. He didn't expect that the old man actually had such a romantic history and the woman named Su Xi had been in love with his father for so many years and had been waiting for the old man all along.

    Even his mother never knew of it. As this came to mind, he composed himself and said, "Rest assured! Father knows what to do. It's rare for someone to treat him so sincerely. We, as his offspring, naturally have to help. In the future, he will be accompanied by someone to take care of, and we can be more at ease."

    "Mm, hmm. Yes, that's what I think." Feng Jiu nodded with a smile "Grandfather is too shy! Please get your subordinates to prepare and arrange this. Tell me when you've picked an auspicious day since I have to figure out the timing. I want to help Grandfather with advancing potions so that he can be a Martial Sage at the shortest time possible."

    "Good, I understand. You took a rushed journey, take a rest first! Leave the other things to Father to arrange." He smiled while telling her to go back and wind down.

    She nodded. "Then I'll return first."

    "Go ahead!" He waved his hand and watched her leave. After a pause, he called people in, asking them to choose a suitable date for the wedding and to start preparing the betrothal gifts.

    The following day, Feng Xiao showed Feng Jiu and Old Patriarch the day he had chosen. "There is only one auspicious day for a wedding this year which is the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, close to the New Year. It's less than three months away. What do you think?"

    "Less than three months? Would it be too urgent? The Old Patriarch asked. He's worried that with such a tight schedule, many things would not be arranged properly.

    "If you don't get married this year, you'll have to wait until next year." Feng Xiao said with a smile and looked at the Old Patriarch. "In fact, Father does not need to worry about these things. I've already handed them to my subordinates so that they can make the arrangements. We have enough manpower to handle the matters quickly."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Feng Jiu, who stood by, nodded. "Mm, I think it's feasible. Although it's less than three months, all aspects should be arranged properly."

    "But...' Old Patriarch Feng hesitated. He simply couldn't imagine a less than three months time to breakthrough to Martial Sage rank.

    Feng Jiu saw his eyebrows furrowed slightly and his face was full of worries and hesitations. She knew what he was worried about. She smiled, "Grandfather, it's alright as long as you do your best. Anyway, Aunt Su Xi doesn't turn her back on an old man like you. If you can reach Martial Sage within three months, that would be a good thing. If you can't, that's alright, too. There will be time after your marriage."

    Old Patriarch Feng's creased eyebrows were relaxed. A smile appeared on his face. "All right then! I'll follow your arrangements. What about the betrothal gifts?"

    "Father's subordinates will make a list of the betrothal gifts. In addition, I'll just add some potions or medicinal pills." While speaking, she took out two bottles of medicines and handed them to him. "Grandfather, now you are only one step away from Martial Emperor. Take these two bottles of medicine. First, go to cultivate in seclusion. After you reach a breakthrough, I'll continue providing you with medicine."


    Old Patriarch Feng nodded, took the medicine, and told Feng Xiao and Feng Jiu, "Then I'll leave the matters outside to all of you. By the way, that day, I said that I would drink wine with Old Patriarch Geng. Now I'm afraid there's no time. Feng Xiao, send someone over to let him know so that he won't be expecting my visit."
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