798 The horrifying footsteps

    Looking at his fist swinging at her, her glance turned chilly and her smile hostile. "I've always been the one who considers whether anyone was good enough or not. No one ever dared to think I wasn't adequate. So, you want to touch me? You're far from qualified."

    As soon as she spoke, a silver needle darted out of her hand and shot into the middle-aged man's acupoint. Bang! He fell down with just one shot.

    Others were startled. When they were just about to come forward, they heard Feng Jiu spoke.

    "Don't you want to get in? I'll let you enter that place." She looked at Du Fan at her side, "Throw someone in for me."

    "Yes." Du Fan responded, then carried the man who fell on the ground earlier and swept up the mountain. The people behind them saw this and stared at Feng Jiu with a frown and a foul expression.

    About the time it took an incense stick to burn, Du Fan came out with a weird expression. He came up to Feng Jiu and cupped his fists. "Young Master, I've thrown him in." Then, he stood behind her.

    Feng Jiu looked at the rest of the people. "You can also go in." As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and left. Du Fan followed her from behind.

    When Xiang Hua saw this, he glanced at those people, shook his head, and quickly followed Feng Jiu.

    Those twenty people watched with gloomy faces. "Even though he's just a kid, he's too violent!"

    "Should we follow such a man? I simply have no idea."

    "Let's go!"

    As they spoke, they turned and went up the mountain one by one. They had no intention of following this young man with their lives, and now they felt that he was not worth following.

    As the sky grew dark, faint chirps of insects were heard from the thicket. When those twenty men walked along the road at the mountaintop, a gust of night wind blew, making their flesh crawl.

    "Why is the mountain peak colder than at the foot?"

    "Mm, I felt it, too. There's something strange with that gust of wind."

    "Ah Qiang was thrown in, right? Why didn't we see his trace? "

    "Not that, why didn't we hear any sounds from that group that came in earlier than us? With over a hundred people coming in, should it be this quiet?"

    The party walked around. However, while talking, they found that they circled back to the same location.

    "Is there an array here? We actually ran in a circle. Where's Little Lin? He's knowledgeable about arrays. Let him lead the way. " Someone shouted, looked back and a man in his thirties was pushed to the middle.

    "There's something strange with the array! I sensed a feeling of suspension as I walked as if the route was changed. " He spoke with some hesitation. But since he was urged by others, he could only lead the way in front.

    However, after they walked a loop, they came to a place where the fog was quite thick. "The fog in front of us is quite thick and the sky is dark. Keep close, don't stray away."

    He didn't look back, so he wasn't aware that the people behind his were reduced one by one. However, the footsteps resounded as if there were still many people...

    "Why does it seem to be bottomless? We've walked so long, yet we couldn't exit this array. It seems this is not the common losing track array!"

    As he spoke, he didn't hear the people at his rear answering. Just as he wanted to look back, a gust of cold wind blew in. He saw a faint green light floating behind him. At this moment, listening to the footsteps trailing on his back, his hairs all stood on end.
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