578 I’m leaving

    But right after she spoke, Xuanyuan Mo Ze threw his arms around her waist and lifted her up. Then with a few leaps, they vanished before the two followers' eyes.

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One looked at each other, but they didn't go after them.

    Feng Jiu was held close in his bosom, her body nestled to his chest. She smelled his unique scent and her mind gradually calmed down. She didn't know when this started, but it seemed that as long as he was around, she would feel at ease.

    Perhaps even if she did not admit it, deep within her heart, a change had quietly taken place...

    The black robe and the white dress were entwined in the wind, whirling past as one. He hugged her firmly and alighted at the apex of the imperial palace's highest spot. It was still early in the morning, the sun was not glaring and the breeze was very pleasant.

    He stood still while continued holding her in his arms without saying anything. The pair of deep dark eyes stared at her intently as if trying to fix her face in his mind. Her heart stirred and a thought came in her mind. She moved away from his embrace, sat down casually and asked, "Are you leaving?"

    "Mm, I just got some news. I have to rush back as soon as I got it."

    He answered her with his deep and magnetic voice. Then he looked at her as if he wanted to say something. But after a slight pause, he only told her, "When I return this time, it would not be easy for me to come over even if I want to."

    "Are you going back to that empire?"

    She remembered Gray Wolf spoke last time that they would only go back to the first-grade country to deal with things. If they returned to the empire, the distance was not the only problem. More importantly, it would be very difficult for them to come over again. If not because they wanted to build up forces here, it was unlikely for them to come here from that empire.


    He answered with a grunt. He looked at her again with his dark eyes. "When I return there this time, this Lord won't be able to come down for many years. You have to take good care of yourself. I originally wanted to attend your grandfather's wedding and send you to the Six Star Academy, but now I can't do those things."

    "Mm, I will." She nodded. She paused and then resumed her speech, "Never mind. I'll go to Six Star Academy by myself. About Grandfather's wedding, I will let them know."

    He shifted his gaze at her. When he saw that her face was calm, he asked, "You have nothing to say to this Lord?"

    She inclined her head and glanced at him. "Take care of yourself." She smiled.

    He felt a burst of hopelessness "Have you felt nothing after all this Lord treated you?" Speaking without waiting for her to speak, he told her, "I won't be able to come to you once I return. Don't evade the question regarding our affections. Give this Lord an answer."

    Hearing his unyielding and domineering words, she looked up. "If I say no, will you let me go?" She seemed to have asked him this question before.

    However, Xuanyuan Mo Ze stared at her fixedly. "No! You are this Lord's woman, you can only be my woman!"

    She couldn't help smiling at his words. Her devastatingly beautiful smile was lovely enough to cause the fall of a city. It was a delightful and vivacious smile that truly came from the heart. Her expression of joy was so beautiful and radiant that it moved people.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    He watched her with a still, calm gaze, trying to memorize her voice and smiles and etch them firmly in his mind. When he saw her smile and the twinkle of her eyes, the tension in his body gradually dissipated. He could only think that the world's most beautiful smile was the one in front of him.
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