579 I’m happy with you

    Seeing the smile before his eyes, a word suddenly rose from the bottom of his heart. He couldn't help letting it slip from his mouth.

    "Feng Jiu, I'm happy with you."

    Feng Jiu was shocked. His words echoed in her ears, "Feng Jiu, I'm happy with you."

    She saw him gazing at her quietly. His eyes reflected deep affection and tenderness that shook her heart. With a smile, she looked at his handsome and resolute face. For the first time, she responded positively to his feelings.

    "I can sense your feelings and your regards, but there is a knot in my heart. Under such circumstances, I neither want nor willing to accept your feelings. Besides, your identity and status are so extraordinary. I am not sure, how long can your feelings last? Will your affection for me stand the test of time and power?"

    "When a woman invests her feelings on a man, she's doing it wholeheartedly without being able to take them back. However, once a man gained those feelings, his enthusiasm will gradually wane. Since you want me to give you an answer on the day of your leaving, this is my answer: Would you dare to make a ten-year pact with me?"

    She looked at him, this time without evading or avoiding to answer. She no longer pretended to be confused. She was coherent, her words crisp and clear.

    "Ten years later, if you remain steadfast and committed to today's decision, and still dare to tell me, "Feng Jiu, I"m happy with you", then I will marry you."

    He was moved to hear her words. He sensed her fear of romantic relationships and her fear of being hurt. She was afraid that after investing her feelings and falling in love with him, he could not stand the test of time and power. She was anxious that over time, his love for her would be worn away by time and power.

    Seeing her with no self-confidence and insecure with a defensive wall around her heart, he was filled with sympathy and love.

    He wanted to tell her that what she feared would never happen.

    [In this life, I would only love you! Neither time nor power can extinguish my love for you.]

    But he didn't speak those words out loud. Instead, he would use time and action to prove it. He would make her understand that he loved her - it would never change.

    "A ten-year pact. This Lord agrees." He told her with a serious and solemn expression.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "In these ten years, don't come looking for me, just wait for me in that empire! Ten years later, I'll go and give you an answer." She stood up. The white dress and black hair rose with the wind. Her gaze shot up as she looked at the man in front of her and her self-confidence and charm were restored. Her eyebrows were charged with wilfulness and flamboyance.

    "I hold up 'a pair of loving relationship for a whole lifetime' as a model. In this ten-year pact, you have to keep yourself pure and chaste. If I know you have other women around you, then don't wait for ten years. You're pulled out immediately. I won't give you another chance."

    Hearing these overbearing and arrogant words, Xuanyuan Mo Ze's lips curled up slightly. A smile rose in his dark eyes. "Just you is enough to torment this Lord. How would I still dare to provoke others?"

    He turned his back toward the early morning sunlight with his eyebrows raised and his mysterious dark eyes that were filled with deep affection were gazing at her. His sexy thin lips slightly raised into a curve, exposing a charming smile that could overturn all living beings.

    In a split second, she felt his overwhelming charm. She could not help standing on tiptoe, clasping her arm around his neck and pulling him down. While he was stunned still, she kissed those sexy thin lips...
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