580 Ten-year pact, see you again at the Empire

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze was totally shocked. He watched her stand on tiptoe and clasped her hand around his neck. Then she pulled him down and kissed his lips. The soft sensation made him instantly awaken from his stupor. He circled her waist with one hand while the other hand was at the back of her head. He changed his passive stance to a more active one and deepened the kiss.

    When she savoured the man's unskilled kiss, she could only laugh inwardly. She guided him to avoid her lips being bitten and bleeding by his kiss.

    When Xuanyuan Mo Ze felt her skillful kissing technique, his gaze became profound. He played with her lips and tongue under her lead. He let her go only when he felt that the woman in his arms was limp from his kiss and slumping on his bosom.

    Looking at her blushing face and slightly chaotic breath, his deep and husky voice carried an ambiguous and vague meaning. He asked bewilderingly, "Who taught you?"


    Feng Jiu was muddled by the kiss and did not respond until she saw his deep eyes staring at her lips and the look on his face. She couldn't help chuckling softly.

    "Even if I haven't practised it before, it's also explained in a book. You don't understand all that?"

    This man was getting jealous!

    He suddenly got a flash of inspiration. So, actually, it's also taught in a book? It seemed that he had to ask Gray Wolf to look for some books to study.

    "By the way, there shouldn't be much of your cold poison suppressing medicine left? Nowadays, I also haven't refined it. If you are leaving like this, isn't your cold poison..."

    He hugged her and saw her worried expression. He laughed and said, "There's no need. This thousand years of cold poison can not always be suppressed. Otherwise, after the outbreak, the consequence will be even more grave."

    "So what to do if you get a cold poison attack?" His plight should have been very dangerous, especially those that happened on the fifteenth night. It could be said that they knew that he was at his weakest in the fifteenth night and it would be the easiest to kill him.

    "Don't worry about it, this Lord has his own ideas." As he spoke, he took out a necklace and put it on her. "This necklace is a defensive divine artifact. You must not take it off at any time."

    She felt something cool on her chest. When she looked down, she saw that it was a purple pendant in the shape of a droplet. The pendant was emitting a mysterious light. Inside the bright droplet, there were seven pale yellow tiny stars made of unknown texture. It reflected sunshine, very beautiful and dazzling.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Thank you." She thanked him with a soft voice. She found that she had nothing to give him. However, her eyes sparkled as if she had remembered something. She told him, "Wait a minute."

    He looked at her quietly with a smile in his eyes. He saw her take out a red rope from her spatial space and a strand of her hair. She weaved it into the red rope. Finally, she made him stretch out his hand and tie it to his wrist as fits his size.

    "It's my return gift, a red string bracelet for safety."

    Looking at the red string woven on his wrist, his lips curled up. "Mm, it's a very good gift. This Lord will always wear it."

    She looked at him intently, as if to mark his face in her mind. She hid her reluctance to part with him inside her heart and said softly. "I'll send you out of the city!"

    "No need."

    He let out a muffled voice, his dark eyes peered into hers. He spoke unhurriedly, "We have to part with each other. It's okay to see me off here." As he spoke, he lowered his head and gently kissed her forehead.

    "Don't forget the ten-year pact with this Lord. I am waiting for you at the Empire."
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