581 Betrothal gift of a hundred bottles

    Feng Jiu looked at him gazing at her deeply before he turned and left. Following his figure that went towards the palace door, she watched his black robe flutter in the wind and watched his figure getting farther and farther away, as she watched him leave without looking back...

    "Ten years, if I still hold a firm position in your heart after ten years, I will marry you." She whispered softly, her eyes kept watching, until his figure completely disappeared from her sight and she retracted her gaze, suppressing the reluctance that sprang up from the depths of her heart.

    "Ten years of time is enough for me to grow. Ten years later, I will be absolutely qualified to stand by your side!" In her eyes, a confident glimmer flashed across her eyes and she took one last look in the direction he left before she turned and walked away.

    In the days that followed, she did not cultivate but spent her time busy refining. Bottle after bottle of medicine was refined by her. In addition to giving him the potions needed for his advancement, she had to prepare some gifts for the Lin Family as well.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    For a big family like the Lin Family, they would not lack things like gold and silver treasures, but even for such a prestigious family clan, high grade medicines were also sought after. Although they didn't mind what kind of betrothal gifts her grandfather would prepare, she felt that this after all involved the face of their Feng Family and they also valued Aunt Su Xi very much so she prepared meticulously for it.

    She believed that even for a big family clan like the Lin Family, there would also be a great demand for this kind of medicine. She was certain that they would be very pleasantly surprised when the hundred bottles of medicine prepared as the betrothal gifts was presented.

    In the courtyard that she was busy refining the medicine, various spirit herbs were placed on the table and Leng Shuang was by her side assisting her in sorting out the various herbs. Two of them were busy, one person sorted out the herbs, the other busy refining them. Because she gave the order, if there was nothing important, no one else was allowed to disturb them. Even Luo Yu and the others were standing guard outside the courtyard were not allowed to enter at will.

    "Mistress, there are only twenty stalks of medicinal herbs left." Leng Shuang consolidated the list of herbs that they lacked and handed her the list.

    Feng Jiu took a look and said: "These are all the herbs that are important. Go to the black market and procure it, tell them the sooner the better. The latest to send it out tomorrow."

    "Yes." She replied immediately and quickly made her way to the black market.

    Feng Jiu's identity as the Ghost Doctor, after being exposed without a mask at Green Gallop's black market, it was recently made known by the people of the Cloudy Moon City's black market. After all, she was not wearing a mask at Green Gallop and did not put on any disguise.

    As long as they used her portrait to investigate a little, it was easy to find out. However, after this matter was made known to her, she only ordered them to keep it under wraps. She didn't mind that the people from the black market knew of her identity, after all it would be more convenient for her to act in future.

    It was also because they knew her identity and on top of that, she had the black token in possession so even if the various chiefs of the black market knew, they did not dare to reveal her identity, because of the incident at the Great Concord Country. The news had spread to the various black markets and the end of the middle-aged man who tried to change her black token shocked everyone.

    "Who is outside?" She decided to take a break and called out.

    "Mistress, I am."

    Luo Yu's voice came and he gave it a thought again before asking, "What's Mistress' command? Do you need your subordinates to come in and help?"

    "Mistress, we are also around."

    Fan Lin and others also spoke out, one by one they walked to the entrance of her courtyard but, without her approval, no one dared to enter.
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