582 Going to the Black Marke

    Seeing that the whole lot of them were guarding outside, she shook her head and smiled: "This is the Feng Residence, even if you are not guarding it, no one would dare to come." After she spoke, she looked at them and said: "How about this! Luo Yu, why don't you make some explosives and teach the Feng Guards, let them make more and they can also put some in the palace just in case."

    When he heard her, Luo Yu smiled and replied: "Mistress, I've already taught them when you left. Now everyone has a bag of explosives in their cosmos sack, and there are also some in the palace. Even if there are other countries dare to provoke us, we also have enough strength and combat power to fight with them."


    She nodded and said: "Then the rest of you will continue your cultivation It is most important to raise your strength. As for Fan Lin, don't you understand medicine? Come in and help me!"

    When he heard her, Fan Lin's face lit up and replied happily: "Yes!" Then he quickly walked in and when he saw all the various spirit herbs on the table, he was exhilarated.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    The others were helpless, they didn't understand things like medicine. However, cultivation was second nature to them hence they retreated but not too far off and sat down in meditation outside the courtyard.

    After a short break, Feng Jiu pointed out some things that Fan Lin should pay attention to and continued to refine her medicine...

    Two days later, she refined another bottle. She let out a long breath and felt that she had worked really hard over the past few days. In just five to six days, she had actually refined out a hundred bottles of medicine. This kind of workload could not be done ordinarily or else, she would die of exhaustion.

    "Mistress, it's just right, a hundred bottles." Fan Lin looked at the hundred bottles of medicine placed on the table and his mood gradually calmed down and he soon became accustomed to such a sight.

    Over the past few days, he followed by his Mistress' side and watched her refine bottle after bottle of medicine that could never be attained outside and his mood also rose in excitement with the success of each bottle. However, gradually, he saw that the Mistress had almost no mistakes in the refining process and did not waste the spirit herbs. Very soon, he became very calm, and felt that things should be that way and grew accustomed to it.

    "After you've taken stock, just bring the hundred bottles of medicine into the palace together with Leng Shuang."

    She waved her hand and let Leng Shuang and Fan Lin put the bottles away and send it to the palace. Then, she called the servant to prepare hot water for a bath and went to bed to take a break. In the state of being half asleep and half awake, she seem to hear the faint sound of thunder rumbling

    The two of them followed her instructions and left while the remaining few stayed in the Feng Residence. After about two hours, they returned and brought back a piece of good news.

    Feng Jiu, who had been resting for about two hours, was sitting in the courtyard and eating some snacks when she saw Fan Lin and Leng Shuang enter. After they greeted her, Leng Shuang stood aside and Fan Lin reported to her: "Mistress, Old Patriarch broke through the ranks from the Martial Ancestor and stepped into the Martial Emperor realm."

    "I thought so, thunder on a sunny day, I guessed that Grandfather broke through." She finished her food, wiped her mouth and said: "Leng Shuang, accompany me to the black market."

    "Yes." Leng Shuang stepped to her side.

    "You can just stay at the residence and go do what is needed." She said to Fan Lin and brought Leng Shuang out and went to the black market.

    Feng Jiu dressed in a white dress made her look elegant and refined and coupled with the impeccable face that could bring down cities, she was always the centre of attraction whenever she stepped out. She would always attract the fervent gazes from people all around.
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