583 Barter Trade

    The people looked at the beautiful woman who was sitting in the carriage who pulled the curtain delicately to one side and looked out.

    This was no longer the past and her identity had been raised from a Young Miss of the Feng Residence to a Princess. Not to mention the fact that she was the one in charge of Feng Residence during that period. Her means, her coldness, and the people who went to watch that night were all well aware of it.

    Towards her, other than envy for her stunning countenance, there was only awe.

    Feng Jiu had already became accustomed to these gazes of the people. Although she was looking out, her thoughts had long flow far away.

    [Hmmm, has Xuanyuan Mo Ze returned to the empire? From here, the journey to the empire is much farther than going to a first grade country. That place called the city in the sky, what kind of place was it exactly? ]

    When her mind was fully occupied by such thoughts, she became really curious.

    Her cheap brother joined the black market mercenaries and she didn't know where he disappeared to. Even though she wanted to find him, she couldn't get hold of him. Although she had already released the news that her grandfather was going to get married, she did not know if he had heard the news?

    Lost in her thoughts, the carriage stopped and Leng Shuang's voice came from outside: "Mistress, we have arrived."

    "Mn." She regained her senses as she alighted from the carriage and went inside the black market.

    When Manager Yan heard that Feng Jiu came, he immediately went to invite the Chief and followed him closely behind and went forward to welcome the Ghost Doctor. When they saw her dressed in white, it was completely different from the usual red and dazzling enchanting charm she exuded. Manager Yan lowered his gaze and stood abidingly behind the Chief.

    "Ha ha, Your Royal Highness, this way please." The black market Chief smiled and looked at Feng Jiu as he invited her as he led the way in front. When he entered the room, Manager Yan stood guard outside the door while the Chief entertained her inside.

    "I heard that the Grand Emperor's auspicious day is drawing near, how is it that Ghost Doctor has time to come to the black market?" The black market Chief asked with smiles, remembering that when they received the portrait of the Ghost Doctor from Green Gallop Country, they were so shocked that they jumped up in fright.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    If not for reconfirming it again and again, they would never have guessed that the Ghost Doctor was actually Feng Qing Ge of the Feng Residence, and the current Princess of the Phoenix Empire. However, after hearing about how she guarded the Feng Residence and confronted the Green Gallop Royal Family, he felt that that was the style of the Ghost Doctor.

    Thinking that the Ghost Doctor actually lived in the same city and on top of that, she was also the Princess of the Phoenix Dynasty, he was so excited that his heart almost jumped out. At first he thought that being the Chief in such a place was just a decoration, but ever since he knew that she was the Ghost Doctor, he had been in high spirits.

    "There are a lot of things in the black market. However, there are very few good things in Cloudy Moon City. Therefore, I need the Chief to help me today." Feng Jiu smiled and looked at the man in front of her.

    When he heard her words, the Chief smiled and asked: "Ghost Doctor, please tell me what you need."

    "I need some magical artifacts or spirit artifacts, both for attack and defense, and two airships as well. I want to buy them through the black market. The grades should not be too low. Other than purchasing, you can also trade with me for items."

    When he heard this, he was stunned in a daze for a moment as happiness sparkled in his eyes: "Ghost Doctor means that if we can come up with a magical artifact that you are satisfied with, we can change for a bottle of medicine refined by you?"

    "Mn Hmm." She nodded and looked at the Chief who was still dazed but his eyes were sparkling with joy and excitement.

    "Ghost Doctor, I personally have a few pieces of artifacts, I don't know if there's any that catches your eye?"
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