584 Who is the most suitable person to go?

    As he spoke, he took out a few artifacts from his space and introduced her to each and every one of them. However, out of these artifacts, only one item caught her eye and it was a flying artifact called the Heaven's Traversing Wheel.

    "Are you willing to exchange this one here?" She asked him.

    "Exchange, of course! Let's exchange." The black market Chief chortled and asked in anticipation: "May I know what the Ghost Doctor would exchange this for?"

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu simply smiled. She glanced at the black market Chief who was looking forward to her answer. She replied : "What does the Chief think?" At this time, her voice had already turned cold, and the gaze cast at him also had a few warnings in it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Seeing this, the black market Chief smiled and immediately dismissed the idea of ripping a few bottles of medicine off her.

    Just now, such an idea did appear in his mind. He thought that she should not understand this market. If the Heaven's Traversing Wheel could be exchanged for two or three bottles of medicine, he would make a big profit. After all, the Heaven's Traversing Wheel was a decent artifact. However, he had another flying artifact and he didn't have much use for it hence it was better to take it out to exchange for some medicines that could aid him in his advancement.

    He too had received the news that not long after Old Patriarch Feng came back, he had already advanced and became a Martial Emperor. Others may not know, but he knew that it was because of the Ghost Doctor that aided him in this breakthrough.

    If he too could advance in his cultivation,as long as he had the strength, he could transfer to other places. Although this Phoenix Empire was different from the past but he still wanted to work in the black market of other countries that were higher grade.

    Only in such places could he come into contact with more things and experience a whole different world.

    "How about this, let's do it according to the market price, it is almost the same as a bottle of advancing potion from Ghost Doctor."

    As he spoke, he felt a little embarrassed when he saw her staring at him with a smile that was not a smile. He could not help but added on: "Well, let's just make a deal! Why don't I leave this magical artifact with you as well then this way, the value is similar."

    He sighed in his heart. Initially, he wanted to rip her off. Who knows, he did not manage to get any advantage out of this deal at all.

    When she heard him, Feng Jiu took out a bottle of medicine and after she kept away the two magical artifacts did she say: "Then let's deal this first! As for the rest, I will need you to help me pay attention, I will take my leave first." After she nodded her head, she walked out of the room with Leng Shuang.

    After leaving the black market, she took the carriage and went to the palace.

    Above the main hall, Feng Xiao was currently in discussion with a few people, and heard the guards outside come in and reported that the Princess had arrived. He could not help but look up but did not see any figure. Only until after a while, did he see his daughter walk to his side at a leisurely pace.

    "Father." She greeted him and walked in, her eyes swept by the few middle-aged Feng Guards.

    "Young Miss." After greeting her, the few of them said to Feng Xiao: "Your subordinates shall leave first." After that, they turned and left the hall.

    "Little Jiu, I was just looking for you! Come, come here and sit. I will show you the latest arrangements." He waved and beckoned her to come forward.

    Feng Jiu stepped forward and came to sit next to him.

    "The betrothal gift is almost ready. I would like to ask, who do you think is the person most suitable for this job?" This should have been a job that was settled by the subordinates but she always had good opinions so he felt that with regards to this matter, she may be better.

    "This ...!" There was a twinkle in her eyes and after she gave it a thought, she smiled and said: "How about this? When the time comes, I will make this trip with my grandfather!"
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