585 Sending Betrothal gifts to Three Rivers City

    Hearing that, he had some hesitation, "Is this appropriate?"

    "What's not appropriate? Moreover, with these many betrothal gifts, how should we send them if not using my airship? For this reason, it's best if I'm going." She smiled gently and asked, "But, Father, shall we go to Three Rivers City to escort the bride back to the wedding, or shall they come to our side first to find a place to stay, and then bring the bride back for the wedding? I don't know anything about such things! "

    "Well, once you get there, ask them about it. They'll have a plan." After giving it some thoughts, he said, "You can't go as an unmarried girl, so do it this way! Go and ask Old Geng Family Patriarch to go with you. You can also count him as an elder. If you have anything that you're not sure about, he will be able to explain it to you."

    Hearing that it was Old Geng Family Patriarch, Feng Jiu nodded, "That's all right."

    "The betrothal gifts are ready. When are you going to start?" He asked again.

    Feng Jiu's eyes moved sideways. After a while, she spoke, "Tomorrow it is! As soon as the airship is placed outside the palace gate, I'll first get the betrothal gifts up and check the people accompanying the gifts. Then, tomorrow I'm leaving."

    "Good, now go and tell your Grandfather. I'll personally go to Geng clan's residence, asking Old Geng to accompany you." With that, he stood up and went out.

    Feng Jiu went to her grandfather's place of cultivation. When she found him, she told him about the matter, checked his physical condition, and then left him some elixirs to advance his cultivation.

    "Grandfather, medicine can help us advance, but they can't be used too much. At this stage, based on your physical condition, you can only use two bottles."

    She looked at her grandfather, whose complexion had changed since he entered the Martial Emperor rank, and continued speaking. "After these two bottles are used up, no matter your rank, you can only stop and not cultivate any more."

    "Haha, Little Feng, rest assured! Grandfather has eaten more salt than you ate rice. I know that, don't worry! I'm not in the same frame of mind as I was then." Old Patriarch Feng stroked his beard and laughingly spoke. "I'm at ease that Grandpa Geng will be accompanying you."

    "Well, I'll go back first. I have to make some arrangements." She smiled and said goodbye to him before turning away.

    In addition to those arranged by her father, she brought the Luo Yu eight-men team and Leng Shuang with her. As for Leng Hua, he stayed at the Feng residence to handle daily affairs.

    The next morning, when the luxurious airship landed at the palace gate, it attracted many onlookers. The red letters of double happiness pasted on top of the airship made those people marvel.

    "I heard the reigning emperor's father is going to marry a third-grade country prominent family's daughter. They are sending the betrothal gifts!"

    "The country ruler has put up news and sent invitations to all the neighbouring countries. The big day of the celebration is the thirteenth day of the twelfth month. It will surely be very lively then."

    "That's for sure. This is the old patriarch, no, a relative of the emperor. It must be a sensation."

    "Look, that's Old Geng Family Patriarch. I heard the country's ruler personally called at his residence, asking him to accompany the betrothal gifts-sending-party."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    In front of the airship, Old Geng, who used to wear grey robes, wore newly-made robe of dark-patterned brown robes which made him look more energetic. When he saw a figure coming out, his eyes lit up.
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