586 Obsession

    A white figure coming out of the palace gate with graceful and elegant steps. Her dress swayed gently in the breeze. She brought with her a party of refined and dignified people. At her side was Leng Shuang, in a black suit with a beautiful and cold mien, then a step away behind her were the eight handsome and outstanding Feng guards. Surrounded by these people, Feng Jiu's white dress looked even more magnificent.

    "Grandfather Geng," Feng Jiu greeted with a smile, "I'm bothering you."

    "Hahaha, it's nothing. This old man is honoured! Hahaha." He laughed loudly, his voice loud and energetic.

    Feng Jiu smiled and said to the people behind him, "Go and look if everything is ready to go."


    As those several men walked towards the airship, their hearts were tense. This was the first time they went out with their Mistress. Although nobody could tell from their looks, they hadn't been able to fall asleep since they knew the news last night.

    Feng Jiu and Old Patriarch Geng were talking, while those subordinates counted the betrothal gifts and personnel. Not long after, they came to report.

    "Mistress, the gifts and the personnel are all here. We're ready to start at any time."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Good," She responded and made an invitation gesture: "Grandfather Geng, please."

    Old Patriarch Geng nodded then turned and stepped on the airship. While treading the steps, he sighed with deep emotion inwardly. It was so unexpected that the first time he got on an airship was for sending Feng old patriarch's betrothal gifts!

    When everyone got on the airship, Feng Jiu let them all sit down. The airship started ascending towards Great Concord Country...

    Inside the palace of the Green Gallop Country, Crown Prince Nie Teng sat at the table, frowning and meditating after hearing the latest news of the Phoenix Empire. His eyes were sinister and unwilling. Compared with his appearance when he first met Feng Jiu, at this moment, his body released a malicious aura.

    "Phoenix Empire, Feng Qing Ge? Or Feng Jiu? And the man, who on earth is he?"

    After returning, he was severely rebuked by his Imperial Father and repeatedly ordered him not to provoke the Phoenix Empire's people. He was also told to recall his subordinates for fear that he couldn't bear from going to the Phoenix Empire again.

    But, after so much humiliation, he would not let it go!

    For that gorgeous and flamboyant woman, a woman as beautiful as fire, his feelings were transformed from initial fondness into an obsession. Letting her go? How was that possible?

    But he was powerless at the thought of the black robed man and of the power behind him.

    The Hell's Lord. That man was actually the master of the Hell's Palace that held all the powers in all the major countries of the world! How could he have the strength to compete with him? His heart still trembled at the thought of the man's cold and fierce eyes - those eyes carried powerful pressures to destroy heaven and earth.

    His hands tightly clenched into fists, his eyes burst with a determined light, whispering: "This Prince will not let go! Feng Qing Ge, this Prince will surely get you!"

    At the Lin Residence in Three Rivers City, Great Concord Country.

    Since the Old Patriarch Feng left, Su Xi had been listless. She was expecting him and was not keen on anything else. She was counting the days.

    When Lin Bo Heng and Lin Cheng Zhi came in, they saw her sitting in the courtyard with one hand on her cheek. They looked at each other and Lin Cheng Zhi called out with a smile, "Aunt, today is a good day. Why not go out for a walk?"
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