587 Known throughout the city

    Su Xi looked at the two of them and replied: "No thanks, I still have to embroider the mandarin ducks pillowcases!" Her wedding dress was left to her by her mother. At first, she thought that it would never be used, but after so many years, it finally came in handy.

    Since she did not need to embroider the wedding dress, she decided to embroider a pair of mandarin ducks pillowcases. However, this time she was the bride that was awaiting to get married. She was also a nervous wreck and she didn't know what she had to do, on top of it all, the person she wanted to meet most was not around. She ended up fretting and doing nothing all day, in the end, nothing was accomplished.

    When the two of them heard her, they shook their heads helplessly and laughed. She had been embroidering this pair of pillowcases ever since San Yuan left till now. This speed was really slow, luckily she did not need to embroider the wedding dress, or else would it take a few years for it to be done?

    Both father and son sat with her in the courtyard and chatted. After a while, just when the two were about to leave, they saw the steward rushing in with a face filled with excitement.

    "Here, it's here! Patriarch, it's here!"

    "What's here?" Lin Boheng glanced at him and asked.

    Even Lin Chengzhi and Su Xi also turned their gazes and fell onto the excited steward.

    "The one sending the betrothal gifts is here!" The steward said excitedly.

    "What? The one sending the betrothal gifts is here?" Lin Boheng and Lin Chengzhi looked at each other, this was a little too fast as well, right? Didn't they just go back less than ten days ago? They're back so soon to deliver the betrothal gifts?

    Su Xi stood up with a look of surprise and asked: "Really? What about San Yuan? Is he the one sending the betrothal gifts?"

    "I haven't seen anyone yet. I only know that its very grand. That luxury airship flew directly into Three Rivers City and it's heading straight towards our Lin Residence. The airship has a big 'double happiness' stuck on it and has attracted the attention of everyone in the city. Everyone is amazed and following the airship! Everyone is heading towards our Lin family to partake in this excitement."

    As soon as they heard this, the father and son were dumbfounded and their eyes lit up with delight.

    "Come, faster! Follow me out and have a look!" Lin Boheng immediately said, and turned to Su Xi to say: "You stay in the courtyard, don't go out. As the lady, you are not allowed to go out. If San Yuan's here, Big Brother will send someone to inform you."

    Su Xi was beaming with happiness and knew that these were the customs and traditions so she could only nod bashfully and said with a blush: "I know, Big Brother, quickly go and have a look."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Ha ha ha, Big Brother knows, Chengzhi, let's go!" Lin Boheng looked at his son, and then he strode out quickly.

    At this time, everyone in the Lin Residence had heard the news and also rushed out. When they came outside the manor, they saw an airship with the words 'double happiness' approaching from afar. The speed of the airship was very slow and flew at a very low altitude. The sound of fireworks came from atop the airship. With a resounding 'bang' in the sky, the colourful flowers scattered from the sky. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

    In addition to the grand fireworks display the entire way, after entering the city, there was also candy falling from the airship and all the people in the city cheered.

    The entire Three Rivers City had been riled up, cheers were constantly heard, and some forces and family clans came out to have a look as well. It was very surprising, in general, airships were not permitted to enter the city, but this airship could fly directly in. This only showed that the people who owned the airship held quite the identity.

    When they heard the endless cheers from the city, and saw hordes of people who came to partake in the festivities in the Lin Residence, the Lin family was astonished and were very happy at the same time. Such a grand scale would let the entire city know that their Lin family was going to marry off their precious daughter! It was really glorious and this really gave them a huge face!
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