588 Prestige

    With the grand display of colourful fireworks and the auspicious candy distributed all the way right to the very door of the Lin family, it caused a huge sensation across the entire city! As the airship in the sky gradually landed, the surroundings had already been filled with hordes of people.

    Everyone in the Lin family gathered around the front door, their faces brimming with smiles at the lively scene in front of them. They were ecstatic from such a sensational display to send the betrothal gifts. For those who didn't know, they would have thought that it was the actual wedding day today!

    In fact, today was just sending the betrothal gifts.

    At this moment, while everyone around them was abuzz with excitement and clamouring about, a beautiful youth in a red robe walked out of the airship. He had an excellent disposition and was very handsome. The moment he appeared, sighs of amazement resounded all around as much as the gazes of appreciation fixed onto him.

    "Wow, that young man looks really good!"

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    "Whose family does this young man belong to? He looks really extraordinary."

    Amid the heated discussions of the crowd, Feng Jiu who was dressed in red stepped down from the airship. As she walked down, Old Geng Family Patriarch, Leng Shuang, Luo Yu and the rest of the party followed behind. Other than Leng Shuang who was clad in black, the eight other Feng Guards were all dressed in the silver Feng Guards attire. They were charismatic and exuded a fierce aura, like a sword that was waiting to be unsheathed.

    Amid the dense crowd, the red robed youth who walked in front was even more dazzling, and at a glance, everyone could see that the young and beautiful youth was the Master of those people.

    "Grandfather Lin , I am sending the betrothal gifts on behalf of my Grandfather." Feng Jiu stepped forward and smiled as she said while walking over.

    "Ha ha ha, it turned out to be a Little Jiu!" Lin Boheng originally wanted to call her Feng girl, but she was still wearing men's clothing, so he called her Little Jiu instead. At the same time, his gaze swept over to the old man by her side.

    "This is my Grandfather's good friend. He is the Old Patriarch of Cloudy Moon City's Geng family. He was invited by my grandfather and father to make this trip with me." Feng Jiu smiled and introduced the two to each other.

    "Patriarch Lin, I've long heard of your name." The Old Patriarch Geng put both his hands together as he greeted him with a smile. For the matters of Lin Boheng, he also listened to the Feng girl along the way and came to admire his style of doing things and his temperament.

    When he heard this, Lin Boheng smiled back and replied courteously: "It's a friend of San Yuan. Please, please, Little Jiu, Brother Geng, this way please." He invited them into the manor.

    Feng Jiu smiled and walked in together with Old Patriarch Geng. Leng Shuang followed her but the eight Feng Guards remained and arranged for the servants to carry boxes of the betrothal gifts to the Lin Residence.

    The moment the crowd saw boxes and boxes of betrothal gifts that were unloaded and brought into the Lin Residence, they were yet again amazed.

    "This...was just sending the betrothal gifts? I thought this was the wedding! This is too grand for just sending the betrothal gifts?"

    "What do you know? It is said that the Lin family is marrying off the woman named Su Xi. She is the sister of Patriarch Lin and she will be marrying the Grand Emperor of the Phoenix Empire. It is said that this Phoenix Empire is a new Empire that has just been formed. The Grand Emperor and the Patriarch Lin are sworn brothers."

    "Then who is the youth clad in red? Is he the Prince of the Phoenix Empire?"

    "This is not known, but it is said that the Emperor has only one daughter, but I have not heard of a son."
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