589 Handing over the betrothal gifts

    People were discussing outside. They saw boxes filled with betrothal gifts carried into the Lin residence and gasped with admiration at its large scale. There were a hundred boxes of betrothal gifts. It made them really excited!

    Inside, except the main personnel of the Lin Residence, womenfolk were not able to enter the hall. The guards were ordered to clear out some space. The hundred boxes of betrothal gifts were placed in the courtyard in front of the hall first. The boxes were filled to the brim with betrothal gifts, cramming the whole courtyard. The sight made many of the women overcome with envy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    In the hall, Lin Boheng, the Lin Patriarch, occupied the main seat, while Feng Jiu and Old Patriarch Geng sat at the first and second position. Lin Chengzhi sat at one level lower. At Lin Boheng's right were the clan's elders and his other sons.

    "Little Feng, what date did you people pick? Why are you sending the betrothal gifts so quickly? And what about your grandfather, why is he not here?" Lin Boheng asked. In fact, he didn't care whether the person sending the gifts was Old Patriarch Feng or not. However, he thought that his sworn brother would come. Thus, he raised this question upon not finding the person.

    Feng Jiu turned to him and said with a smile, "We picked the thirteenth date of the twelfth month, sending the betrothal gifts before the calculated auspicious day. As for Grandfather, he has been cultivating in seclusion since he returned home. Now he has broken through the Martial Ancestor and entered the Martial Emperor rank. Recently, he wants to make another breakthrough and enter the Martial Sage. So, only Grandfather Geng and I came to deliver the gifts."

    She smiled and cupped her hand in a salute. "If you find anything unsatisfactory, I hope Grandfather Lin and other distinguished persons will not put the blame."

    "Hahahaha, not at all!"

    Lin Boheng laughed loudly. Surprised, he asked, "Sanyuan just came back and already attained the Martial Emperor rank? How could he do it in such a short time? How is that possible?"

    Feng Jiu smiled, "I also told him to do it according to his capability. It's one thing whether he can advance or not. He should just try his best."

    "Yes! He should just try his best. He cares too much about people's opinions." He smiled while shaking his head then turned toward Old Patriarch Geng. "This time, we're truly imposing on Brother Geng. You must have had a tiring journey. You'll have to rest in the manor for two days."

    "Not troublesome at all. It's my pleasure to come here on Sanyuan's behalf to deliver the betrothal gifts."

    Old Patriarch Geng smiled. While they were talking, a Feng Guard came in and reported that all the hundred boxes of betrothal gifts had been moved in. He took out the list and went forward to offer it with both hands.

    "Lin Patriarch, this is the list of the betrothal gifts. Please follow me to come outside and let me hand over the gifts."

    "Alright, then we'll go together." Lin Boheng nodded, motioned to several clan elders to go out together. Seeing the boxes piling up at the courtyard, their faces were wreathed in smiles.

    In the Lin clan's point of view, a hundred boxes of betrothal gifts were not something that they'd never seen before. However, by delivering these hundred boxes of gifts, it can be seen that they put such importance on this marriage. This made the Lin clan very gratified.

    What's more, not to mention the betrothal gifts, the mighty and grand way those gifts were sent inside the city had saved the Lin clan's face.

    There were a total of three portions for the betrothal gift list: One for the groom, one for the bride, and one for the bride's family. Old Patriarch Geng took a piece and read out the gifts on the list. A guard would lift the box out in front of everyone, show its content to the Lin family, close the box and have it carried by the bride's family to put inside their warehouse.
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