590 Impossible

    When everyone heard that Old Patriarch Geng mention all the names of treasures and saw the boxes being opened one by one that were filled to the brim with precious treasures, they were dazzled. They were stumped by the countless treasures they were revealed before them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Precious pearls from the south sea, immaculate Jade, gold and gems.... Boxes and boxes of such rare treasures that were filled to the brim were opened before their dazzled eyes. Even after they had prepared their hearts, with each introduction of the contents in the box, they were waiting in anticipation for it to be revealed.

    Hundred boxes of precious treasures, rare gems and medicinal materials were brought into the Lin Residence. It was until the very last box was brought in when he paused and glanced at Feng Jiu and saw her nod did he clear his throat before he said, "The last box, a hundred bottles of precious elixirs."

    When they heard his words, everyone was flabbergasted as they stared at each other in stupor. What did they just hear? A hundred bottles of precious elixirs? They've got to be kidding, right? Those should be just regular medicines but they were too embarrassed so they exaggerated and said that they were precious elixirs, right?

    Everyone had on a strange expression, no one believed that it was the truth. A hundred bottles of precious elixirs was simply too unbelievable and it was not possible in their opinion.

    It was until the box was brought forward and opened before everyone when a strange silence filled the air. Two neat rows of bottles was presented and everyone's expression changed.

    When Feng Jiu saw the expression of everyone, she did not say anything but revealed a meaningful smile. She did not explain anything further and only watched the box being closed and brought into the Lin Residence in silence.

    It was only after Lin Chengzhi caught a glimpse of her deep smile that he was secretly startled. He too, remained silent.

    After they received the gifts, everyone in the Lin Family became very busy. They were dedicated to making sure that their guests who had travelled from afar were well taken care of. At the same time, they also entertained those who had followed the airship along to participate in the liveliness.

    Feng Jiu came to Suxi's courtyard and updated her on her grandfather's situation.

    "If not for grandfather busy cultivating now, he would make this trip personally. He asked me to convey his words to you and hope that Aunt Suxi would not blame him." Feng Jiu looked at the beautiful woman before her and her eyes were smiling.

    With a face filled with sweetness and bliss, Suxi replied shyly, " Mn, I understand. When you go back, tell him to take care of himself, do not over exhaust himself."

    Feng Jiu smiled cheekily as she passed her the slip, "Here, this is the list of betrothal gifts, please keep it properly."

    "All right." She kept it properly and said, "You must be exhausted after this long journey, quickly go back and rest early! I'll look for you for breakfast tomorrow."

    "All right, then I'll head back to rest first." She chortled and turned to leave.

    At the other courtyard, Lin Chengzhi was thinking back on Feng Jiu's deep smile today. He was baffled, we're those hundred bottles really just regular medicine? If they were just regular medicine, then they would not send it as betrothal gifts. But if they were really, that was not possible too!

    After all, medicine that were termed as precious elixirs were so few and rare, just a single bottle was priceless, what more of a hundred?

    "Mn, it shouldn't be possible." He muttered to himself, trying to convince himself.

    Seeing her husband pacing back and forth while muttering to himself while frowning at times, his wife could not help but laugh out and asked in an amused tone: "What's with you? You've been walking round in circles and I'm getting dizzy just watching you."
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