591 Each Preparing Gifts

    "I'm still thinking about the matter of all the betrothal gifts received earlier today. Why don't you go ahead and sleep first! There's no need to wait for me." He waved his hand and was thinking whether or not he should head over to his Father's to discuss?

    "Betrothal gifts? Those belong to Aunt, why are you worrying about it?" His wife could not help but giggle.

    "You wouldn't understand." He said it helplessly as he crossed his arms and continued pacing about before he said, "I think I better go and discuss this with my Father." The moment he said it, he headed straight out but was pulled back by his wife.

    She looked at him unbelievably and said, "Look at what time it is already! Can't you wait till tomorrow to discuss? Not to mention that all the gifts are already in the manor and our guests are still residing in the manor. No matter how anxious you are about the matter of the betrothal gifts, what would others think?

    Lin Chengzhi was stunned momentarily before he looked at her and asked : "What would others think?" He did not feel that there was anything out of the ordinary to look for his Father to discuss.

    "Husband, those betrothal gifts are for Aunt, even if it's Father, he wouldn't touch them. He would definitely leave them for her dowry so that when she marries into the Phoenix Empire, she would not be embarrassed. That is why I think that you should not worry so much about this matter. Even Father hasn't said anything, so even if anyone was to say anything, it should be Father and not you."

    She paused for a moment before she continued, "Your identity is that of her nephew, you even in the younger generation!"

    When he heard her words, he thought about it again and gave in. "Forget it, we shall discuss about this when they return then! It's really not very appropriate to discuss about this when the guests are still around."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Although he said that he would put this aside for now, but in his heart he could not help but convinced himself to find an opportunity to have a look at those hundred bottles of medicine.

    It was a bright and clear morning the very next day and after Feng Jiu had breakfast with Suxi, Feng Jiu went out with Old Patriarch Geng, Leng Shuang and the eight Feng Guards. Since they had traveled all the way here, she wanted to bring them out to take in the sights and have a look at the magnificence of a third grade country.

    When Lin Boheng wanted to go over and look for Feng Jiu and Old Patriarch Geng for a chat and a drink of tea, he heard that they had already gone out earlier in the morning to sightsee.

    "No one accompanied them out?" He asked with furrowed brows, feeling that this didn't reflect very well on themselves and it made them look not very hospitable.

    "Big brother."

    Suxi walked over and after she saw his reaction, she laughed and answered, "I wanted to accompany them but Feng Girl said that she's been here before and was familiar with the area so she's would bring them out. I see that they were quite a big group hence I didn't follow along."

    "Letting our guests go about the city themselves still shows that we aren't very hospitable." He shook his head with his brows still creased up.

    "It's all right, we are all family." Suxi laughed and pulled his hand and said, "Big Brother, I heard that the delivery of the betrothal gifts was so spectacular that left everyone bedazzled? Aww, how could I miss it!"

    "Ha ha ha, you don't have to worry, everything belongs to you. Big Brother would not touch any of it. When the time comes, other than all these betrothal gifts, Big Brother will also prepare something for you. Your few other elder brothers also mentioned that they will also prepare something and don't forget about your few nephews. When it is time for your dowry, you can get married gloriously.

    "Big Brother, that's not what I meant." She could not help but laugh out. When she heard that her brothers and her nephews would also prepare dowry for her, her heart was touched.

    Lin Boheng chortled and said, "They came so suddenly and I didn't get a chance to inform Father and Mother yet. However, when you get married, they would definitely be back in time to attend it."

    When they thought about their parents, both of them deepened their smiles.
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