592 Making Decisions

    Their parents were both over a hundred years old. They were both still hale and hearty. They did not live in the main family but stayed for a period of time among several of their sons. Therefore, they had not been at the main family in recent months, but they knew about this marriage.

    "Big Brother, since the wedding date is the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, let Father, Mother and several brothers come back together!" She smiled and was very happy to be able to see them again.

    Their clan was big. The sons and daughters lived apart after they had grown up. The successor of the clan was the eldest son, Lin Boheng. As for the other brothers, they lived separately and established their own households. They didn't live in the same city, only when there was a major event the family could gather together.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Haha, early yesterday I had someone pass on the message. I reckon they will arrive tomorrow at the latest."

    "That's good then." She nodded and smiled. "I'm going back first. I haven't finished embroidering my mandarin duck pillowcases yet!"

    He shook his head and waved her back.

    Meanwhile, Feng Jiu took them wandering around Three Rivers City. By noon, they entered the second floor of a restaurant, booked two tables and ordered food and wine.

    "Grandfather Geng, will my grandfather come to Three Rivers City personally to escort the bride to the wedding ?" She asked curiously while pouring wine for him.

    He stroked his beard and answered, "We need to discuss with the Lin clan about this matter. Three Rivers City is far away from us. I'm afraid that he'll meet some accidents while on the way to escort the bride. It's best to get them to our Cloudy Moon City in advance, and then welcome them into the palace on that auspicious day."

    He paused and then resumed his speech. "We spoke up to this point. As for the final decision, we will have to discuss it with the Lin clan."

    "Mm." She nodded, it should be done that way.

    After having eaten at the restaurant, the party went out circling the city. It was not until evening that they returned to the Lin Residence and talked over how to welcome the new bride.

    When Lin Boheng heard what Old Patriarch Geng had to say, he nodded with approval. "Mm, it is true that this place is far away from the Phoenix Empire. It would take two days by travel even on the airship. It is really inconvenient to pick up the bride here then."

    After a pause, he spoke again. "Let's do this! At that time, we will send off the bride. You will first go find a place in Cloudy Moon City for us to stay, then Sanyuan will come to escort the bride from there. That way, it's convenient for both sides, we can economize a lot and can also reduce the occurrence of accidents."

    Feng Jiu and Old Patriarch Geng looked at each other and spoke simultaneously "This is better, we naturally agree."

    "Mm. that's settled." Lin Boheng laughed loudly.

    Next, Feng Jiu mentioned returning back the next day. Knowing that they were leaving, Lin Boheng asked, "Don't you want to stay one more day? My parents will be back. They should arrive tomorrow at the latest."

    Feng Jiu answered, smiling. "There will be opportunities for meeting later. It's a long way to go. I think I'll go back early so that they won't get worried."

    "All right then! In that case, I will not keep you. I will see you off tomorrow morning! "

    She nodded, her eyes were filled with laughter. "Good. Thanks so much, Grandfather Lin."
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