593 The parents return

    The next day, after all the Lin clan members saw them off, Feng Jiu and others left on the airship as usual. A trip to the Great Concord Country opened Old Patriarch Geng's eyes and strengthened his resolve to advance in his cultivation.

    The Lin clan watched the airship leaving until it disappeared in the clouds and vanished from view. Then, they turned around and walked toward the mansion while talking.

    "Father, I have something to tell you." Lin Chengzhi held back for two days. After seeing Feng Jiu and others leave, he could not restrain himself.

    Lin Boheng looked back at him and signalled, "Come to the study." He stepped inside.

    Inside the study, Lin Boheng sat, looking at his son who was following him. "Say it! What's the matter?"

    "It's about Aunt's betrothal gifts." He also sat down. "I don't think those hundred bottles of potions are what we thought they were."

    "Those hundred bottles of potions?" He looked at him. "So what do you think? The Phoenix Empire came into being not long ago. Even though the Feng estate is considered mighty, what kind of good potions could a ninth-grade country has?"

    He poured a cup of tea and drank it while speaking, "However, whether the medicine is good or bad also depends on their intention. We can't dislike it. Don't mention it any more."

    Realizing that his father misunderstood him, he shook his head and laughed. "No, Father," he said, "It seems to me that it is not a simple potion. I'm afraid it's a treasure."

    After drinking a cup of tea, Lin Boheng glanced at him and asked calmly, "Why do you think so?"

    "Did Father forget what you were investigating? Uncle Feng's granddaughter, Feng Jiu, is not a simple person. Besides, how long did Uncle Feng return home? He has actually reached the Martial Emperor rank, thus we can see that he must be assisted by elixirs. Plus, they sent hundreds of bottles of potions. This is the proof."

    "Do you mean that they have an alchemist?"

    He nodded. "Mm, and probably an excellent alchemist, too. That's why I thought those hundred bottles aren't simple."

    Lin Boheng was silent for a moment. "We don't handle medicinals much. If we really want to know, we will have to take them to the Alchemist Guild to verify it." As he spoke, he heard the steward reporting from outside..

    "Patriarch, the old master and mistress are back."

    Hearing this, the father and son in the study were startled. They stood up in a hurry and went outside. Lin Boheng asked, "Where are they?"

    "They are in the hall right now." As the steward answered, Lin Boheng and Lin Chengzhi already rushed to the hall.

    Outside the courtyard, before entering the hall, they heard a lively laughter inside. They stepped in and saw two people sitting on the main seats. Lin Boheng gave them a salute respectfully.

    "Father, Mother."

    "It's the eldest and Chengzhi!" The old lady sitting on the throne looked about sixty years old with a kind face. Her eyes were filled with laughter, looking at her son and grandson.

    "Chengzhi pays respect to grandfather and grandmother." Lin Chengzhi knelt respectfully and kowtowed to the old couple.

    "Good, good,good. Get up, get up, Chengzhi. Come and let Grandma look at you. Are you not cultivating these days? How can you cultivate without making progress?"

    Lin Chengzhi couldn't help but laugh. "Grandma, I have been cultivating, but the higher the rank, the harder it is to advance. Your Grandson here is trying his best."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.
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