594 This bottle looks somewhat familiar

    "For us cultivators, cultivation is the top priority. Only by getting stronger that our longevity is getting longer. You can't be lazy, you must cultivate diligently, you know?"

    "Alright, alright. Don't harp on this as soon as you get back." The old man next to him said in a bad mood. He smiled and told his grandson, "Cultivate slowly, don't worry. Let's not talk about this today."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    After saying this, he looked at his son and asked, "As soon as we entered the city, we heard that the betrothal gifts were sent in such a grand and mighty fashion. Where are they? Are they still at the manor?"

    Lin Boheng answered hurriedly, "They've just left not too long ago." Then he handed over the list of the betrothal gifts "This is the betrothal gift list. I hope Father and Mother look them over."

    The Old Patriarch looked it over. When he saw the last one the list was a hundred of rare potions, he stroked his beard. "Have you ever seen these hundred of medicinal potions? Treasures? Their little country is only a ninth-grade one, where did these rare potions come from?"

    You know, it's hard for a clan like them to get a few bottles, while they give out a hundred bottles? Were these ordinary medicine? However, if just common medicine, it would not be possible to send them as betrothal gifts.

    "I only checked and accepted them. As for the hundred bottles of medicine mentioned in the list, I didn't open them."

    "Then send it to the Alchemist Guild for verification!" Su Xi came in with a smile. She came to her mother's side and held her hand affectionately. "Father, Mother, you're here at last."

    "Su Xi, you dare to say that!" The Old Patriarch glared at her. "Say, what did you do? How could you send people to kidnap Sanyuan? What a ridiculous thing to do!"

    "Alright. There's no need to talk to her in this manner." The old lady looked at him with displeasure and glared at the old man. She patted Su Xi's hands and smiled. "Don't listen to your father. That old guy is too old-fashioned. You are doing well, that's what you should do."

    Upon hearing this, the clan elders and the sons sitting beneath them lowered their heads or looked elsewhere, and some of them couldn't help smiling.

    The Old Patriarch blew his beard and stared them down. His lips moved but no words came out. He only snorted and didn't open his eyes.

    "Sister, you've seen Father and Mother. Why didn't you notice your Third Elder Brother?" The middle-aged man sitting beside him jokingly said, "Third Elder Brother heard that you were going to get married and had your sister-in-law prepare a generous gift for you. But, you have nothing to express?"

    She laughed gently. "Third Elder Brother, once I heard you all came back together, I went to the kitchen to get them to cook your favourite dishes. Otherwise, I wouldn't wait until now to come."

    "Hahaha, I know that my little sister has us in her heart. We also said on the way, this time we will come back to stay until you get married. By the way, will Sanyuan come to Three Rivers City to escort the bride? Have all these things been arranged?" The second elder brother asked, looking at his sister with a smile.

    "Eldest Brother has arranged everything." She smiled shyly, looking lovable as a daughter waiting to get married.

    "Su Xi, run along, accompany Mother to your courtyard. Let them talk leisurely here." The old lady motioned to help her stand up.

    After talking to everyone, Su Xi accompanied her mother to leave first.

    When they left, everyone still held back their mood for chatting and laughing. The Old Patriarch told the eldest son, "Have someone carry the box with a hundred bottles of potions here."

    "Yes." Lin Boheng assented. He personally went over and had some people carried the box to him. They placed it carefully in the middle of the hall.
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