596 Ghost Doctor’s potions

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    On hearing these words, the clan elders and several others nearby rushed to surround him, but the old man shouted to them to stop before they came close.

    "Stand still!"

    The crowd stopped in their tracks, their bodies stiffened. They looked at the old man and then at the bottle in his hand as well as the drawing at the old man Lin's hands. He wanted to speak, but under the old man's gaze, nobody opened the product nor moved. The whole hall suddenly quietened down.

    "What's all this racket? What if the potion got knocked over and spilled?" The Old Patriarch spoke grumpily, glaring at the crowd. "Go back to your seats."


    Everyone's face heated up. They were aware of their misconduct and their heads bowed in embarrassment. After giving a response to the Old Patriarch, they returned to their seats one after another. Their eyes glued on the old man.

    After seeing them all seated, the Old Patriarch coughed lightly. "Although the bottle of this potion is the same as the Ghost Doctor's particular design, we don't know much about the potion inside. After all, there are over a hundred bottles of potion. If those are really Ghost Doctor's potions, it is really not a trivial matter."

    He paused and his sharp eyes swept the crowd. "You've all heard today and should know not to mention this even to your wife and children. If these are really Ghost Doctor's medicine, once the news comes out, it will certainly bring disaster to our Lin clan. However, as long as we use them well, it will create a turning point for the Lin clan." His voice trembled at the end of his speech.

    The crowd looked at each other, nodded and answered in unison, "Yes, we know. We swear not to divulge this matter."

    "Mn." The Old Patriarch nodded. "Eldest son, when they sent over the betrothal gifts, did they tell you what kind of potions these are?"

    Lin Boheng shook his head apologetically. "I thought it was just a common medicine. I didn't take notice nor ask much."

    "Ghost Doctor has a variety of medicinal potions, each one is different. Big Brother, are the ones on the upper and lower layers the same? Have you ever opened it?" Lin's second eldest son spoke while directed his gaze on Lin Boheng.

    "Then open up the lower layer. So it's true, you didn't even ask about the betrothal gift." The Old Patriarch glared at him and motioned him to come forward and take off the top layer.

    Lin Boheng went forward obediently. When he opened the top layer and exposed the lower layer, he saw a piece of paper in it. He took a look and handed it to the old man excitedly. "Look, Father, it's.... Everything is written on it."

    The old man took a look and his hands shook slightly. His face flushed red and he was beside himself with excitement. "Good, good! It's very good! Wonderful! Hahahaha..."

    "Old Patriarch, what does it say?" A clan elder inquired.

    "It says here that in this box, there are fifty bottles of potions to advance cultivation and ten bottles each of five types of potions for wounds and internal injuries as well as antidotes, a total of one hundred bottles of potions. All are concocted by the Ghost Doctor!"

    The Old Patriarch spoke excitedly with an incredulous look on his face. "How on earth did they get so many potions? Not only these hundred bottles of medicine, but those‌‌hundred‌‌boxes‌‌of‌‌betrothal‌‌gifts‌‌are also incomparable. Truly lavish and extravagant! My Lin clan is blessed! Hahahaha..."

    Seeing his grandfather's joyful and delighted look as well as the excited chatter that erupted among the clan elders, his father, several uncles and others, Lin Chengzhi reflected for a moment and told the crowd, utterly spoiling their fun. "Well, you know....Grandfather, these are betrothal gifts for Aunt."

    As soon as these words were uttered, silence filled the hall. The atmosphere suddenly turned awkward...
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