597 She’s the Ghost Doctor?

    The crowd looked at each other. It was as if they were suddenly suffocated. Finally, everyone smiled in embarrassment and looked at the Old Patriarch.

    "Indeed, those are Su Xi's betrothal gifts. Old Patriarch, you see..."

    "Chengzhi, don't mention it. I consider everything for the Lin clan. Although those gifts are our Lin clan's, they are also Su Xi's. But, in the end, are those given to our Lin clan or given to Su Xi?"

    "What is given to the Lin clan or given to Su Xi? What a mess, making this old man confused." The Old Patriarch stared at the clan elder and coughed loudly. "Betrothal gifts have always been given as gifts for the bride's family. We are her parents and elders. If we are rich, we will take nothing and send the gifts with the bride when she marries off. It will also raise her prestige. If the bride's family is lacking in resources, it is also appropriate to accept some of the gifts."

    He paused and then continued speaking, "However, we used to say that when Sanyuan's betrothal gifts arrived, everything would be given to Su Xi intact. But now, the potions are too extraordinary. We have to consult Su Xi about it. Naturally, they will not be looking forward to getting these betrothal gifts that they already sent back. You all know, however, that a bottle of Ghost Doctor's potion is of great value. If the Lin clan accepts this box of betrothal gift, we will have to add Su Xi's dowry to replenish it."

    The crowd nodded as they felt it was reasonable. "Just as the Old Patriarch said, we have to tell Su Xi that if our Lin clan accepted this box of betrothal gift, the dowry would naturally have to be given to her."

    Lin Boheng pondered for a moment. "Let me discuss with Su Xi about this matter!"

    Old Two turned things over in his mind and asked, "Father, do we need to take this potion to the Alchemist Guild and get it checked?"

    Everyone turned their gaze to the Old Patriarch again. The old man's temper flared up and spoke irritably, "Aren't you worried that everyone would know we have a hundred bottles of potions in the residence? Taking them to the Alchemist Guild for verification? The patterns on this bottle are clearly displayed. Is there any mistake?"

    Old Two smiled in an embarrassed manner when he got scolded by the Old Patriarch. He lowered his head sheepishly.

    "Eldest Son, put away these hundred bottles of medicines personally. Wait for a time to deal with them. Each bottle is extremely precious and must not be used indiscriminately." The old man ordered.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Yes." Lin Boheng answered solemnly and stored the box inside his spatial space.

    When Lin Chengzhi saw the Old Patriarch clasped his hands on his back while deep in thought, he asked, "Grandfather, is something wrong?"

    "I'm thinking...this Phoenix Empire is a ninth-grade country. How can they obtain one hundred bottles of Ghost Doctor's potions? When I listened to you all talking about that girl Feng Jiu's appearance... "The Old Patriarch said nothing more.

    Lin Old Two was suddenly reminded of something, like a flash across his mind. He was stunned. "Is she the Ghost Doctor?"

    As soon as he said those words, the hall was quiet. Lin Boheng was dumbfounded. "Ghost Doctor? How is that possible? Although Feng girl likes to dress up as a youth in red, she is only fifteen or sixteen years old. How can she refine such high-quality potion to advance cultivation rank? It's impossible..."

    He waved his hand while saying this, but then he froze. His eyes slowly widened, his face shocked and incredulous. His heart thumped as it finally dawned on him, "She said...after Sanyuan returned home, he broke through the Martial Ancestor rank and entered Martial Emperor..."
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